International Hypnosis Federation
April 2009

A comprehensive list of membership’s terrific resources

Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, PhD
30819 Casilina, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275, USA
Phone: (310) 541-4844
Web Site:
Offers referrals for Holistic Helpers in Mind, Body, Spirit and Instructors, Researchers, Schools, Speakers, Stage & Entertainers.
Approved Hypnotists & Holistic Helpers in Mind, Body, Spirit
(alphabetically listed in USA by state then other countries listed alphabetically)
The following Licensed & Certified Professionals are recommended & recognized by the International Hypnosis Federation (IHF). Each is committed to your holistic well being and a governing code of ethics.

Alabama, USA
Kim Whitchard, PhD: Gulf Coast Counseling Services, LLC
So Baldwin County, AL – Phone: (251) 970-5902 –
Dr. Witchard has been in Clinical Practice for 13 years. She has a specialty in Eating Disorders, Hypnosis for Weight Control and Smoking Cessation.

Alaska, USA

Molly Lewis, CHt
Alaska/Sedona, Arizona
Phone#: 907-229-4962 e-mail:
Create the life you desire NOW! Transform Yourself with Joy and Peace. Hypnotherapy, NLP Coaching, Reiki, Certified Medical Hypnotherapist, Certified Past Life Regression Specialist.

Scott Weys, CHt
Anchorage, AK
Phone#: 907-232-1570 e-mail:
Certified Medical Hypnotist, Past Life Regression Specialist, Master NLP Plus Ericksonian Hypnotherapist. Call me Now and Be Ready For Dramatic Profound Change.
st Life Regression Specialist, Master NLP Plus Ericksonian Hypnotherapist. Call me Now and Be Ready For Dramatic Profound Change.

Arizona, USA
Kathleen Armstrong
Sedona, AZ– Phone: (928) 284-4172– E-Mail: WebSite:
A professional in the field of Mind, Body & Spirit since 1992, Kathleen empowers her clients using Transformational Hypnosis & Energy Balancing.

Chanda Nancy Berlatsky, PhD: Soul Therapies
Sedona, AZ
Phone: (928) 204-0075 - E-Mail:
Life Between Lives Therapist – Trained by Michael Newton and Certified by The Newton Institute,  Past Life Regression Therapist, Transpersonal/Clinical Hypnotherapist,  Akashic Readings, Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Angel Readings, Reiki Master/Teacher, Reiki Healing/Initiations, Doctor of Divinity, Metaphysical Minister/Seminary Graduate, Certified Master Spiritual Counselor, Co-Founder/Senior Teacher – Akashic Alliance and Akashic Records Integration Process – "Learn to Open Your Records" &  "Learn to Open the Records of Others". Counseling and readings by phone OR in Sedona, AZ and Southern CA offices by appointment. Available for lectures, seminars, and workshops.

Georgia D. Bruce: Choices of the Mind & Soul
Kingman, AZ Phone: (520) 530-9141
Georgia uses the pinpoint method of Hypnosis to Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Drug & Alcohol Addiction, Self-Confidence and Regression. She also teaches Self-Hypnosis.

jo Couch C.Ht. (aka jo Couch-11 or jo Couch-Levin)
A Caring Couch ...Chandler, Arizona 85248 jo is also a Reiki Master and Metaphysical teacher/counselor.
Author of the book: "We do not die...We CANNOT die! A Spiritual Intuitive. The main focus for "A Caring Couch" is YOU. Facilitating your wants and needs, through so many different modalities. Working with expectant mothers and our infant children through empowerment programs and cd's. As well as creating personal cd's for your specific needs. Private sessions and telephone sessions as well. We love sharing the joy through seminars, sessions and cd's. Teaching and facilitating you. Your life is in fact. "all about YOU."
Phone: 480 361-9069 or: 309 738-tojo (8656) or write to: or

Diane M. Hill, CHt: Mind Body Life Connection
Phoenix, AZ – Phone: (480) 225-0225 – E-Mail: – Web Site:
Diane helps you stop smoking in one hour and helps you with weight reduction, eliminating undesirable habits, fears and overwhelming stress. Build self-esteem.

Jamie Johnson: Genesis Hypnotherapy, LLC
Phoenix, AZ – Phone: Toll Free: 877-667-0636 – E-Mail:
Jamie specializes in highly effective techniques taught by Smoke Free International, which have helped thousands of people quit smoking.

Craig Junjulas
Sedona, AZ – Phone: (928) 282-8981 – E-Mail: - WebSite:
Higher self discovery sessions and workshops that promote relaxation, personal growth, psychic awareness and spiritual awakening with Craig Junjulas, Metaphysical teacher, counselor & author.

Sally Labrato-Faith
Tonopah, AZ – Phone: 623-393-0828 - E-Mail:

Jeannine Marzella, CH Scottsdale, AZ – Call: 480 661 1318
West Los Angeles, CA – Call: 310 441 4319
E-Mail: - Web Site:
Health, Wealth & Happiness for you. Hypnosis PhD Candidate, NLP & Reiki Master, Jeannine assists you to get the results you want.

Doris Rapp, MD
Scottsdale, AZ – Phone(480) 905-9195 – E-Mail:

Alex& Rebecca Rogan CHI. HHP. CSC.
Quantum Wellness! Painless & Drug Free Ways to a Happy, Healthy life!
We are a Learning & Development Center. Joy is our Compass! We have Group Gatherings & Events, Private Sessions, Phone Sessions & Course Trainings with CEU’s and Board Certifications through Shelley Nicholas, IHF and Psychic Readings / Mediumship. We offer a wide range of expertise in Wellness Modalities as Certified Therapist, Instructors & Educators in Hypnotherapies including Past Life & Life Between Life Therapy. Many Energy Therapies, Reiki Master Teachers, Shamanism Practitioners with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies/Michael Harner. We are Spiritual Counselors Certified by Shelley Nicholas and Channels also National Yoga Instructors with the Yoga Alliance, Licensed National Massage Therapist. To assist even more Certified Holistic Health Practitioners and Herbologist, Nutritionist, & Aromatherapist through the Natural Healing Institute, Angel Therapist Practitioners certified by Doreen Virtue. Certified Angel Healers by Charles Virtue. Professional Spiritual Training Therapist certified by Steven Farmer. 877-421-9973/or 928-282-3396 <> &

Dr Margaret Rogers Van Coops, Ph.D., DCH (IM) &
Dr. Stephen M. Van Coops,
Sumaris Center, 321 Farallon Drive,
Lake Havasu City, AZ>86403.
Tel: 928 453 7974 Email:
We offer in depth counseling and therapy. Included are: Crystal Acupuncture/Teragram Therapy; Hypnosis; Aromatherapy/Reflexology, Behavioral/clinical/spiritual counseling, as well as training workshops/courses to be a Metaphysiotherapist/Crystal Acupuncture & Teragram Theapist.

Dr Betty Scott, PhD Tuscon, AZ tele: 573-443-5642

Sheri L Skelton
Phoenix, AZ Phone # (602)795-0811 e-mail
Tap your creativity. Anxiety, Weight & Smoking Release. Feel Great NOW! Sheri is an Artist, Social Worker, Teacher and Hypnotherapist.

Arkansas, USA
Brenda Joyce McDaniel: HeartShadows Institute Of Alternative Healing
Hot Springs, Arkansas /Indiana/Missouri - Phone: (501) 318-1734- E-mail:
Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Crystal Healer, Master Hypnotist. Specializing in Soul Retrieval and Past Life Regression. For information on up coming workshops contact:

Central & Northern California, USA

Carol Adamski, MA
Stop Smoking-Silicon Valley , CA
Phone# 866-773-4311 e-mail:
Specialist:: Stop Smoking in 1 Hour! Backed up with a life-time Guarantee. I have 13 years of experience in helping people just like you stop smoking..

David Armentrout, PhD, Director: Mind-Body-Spirit, HypnoClinic & Hypnosis Training Inst.
San Jose, CA deceased 5/2008

Lola Bahri M.A., CHT
Oakland, CA -Phone: 800-514-6715
I have an M. A. in Counseling Psychology, certifications in organizational leadership, sport psychology, and addiction studies. I speak English, French and German. I am also a certified hypnotherapist and specialize in smoking cessation,and weight management.
I am uniquely qualified as a hypnotherapist and life coach to empower my clients to reach their full potential and lead balanced and fulfilled lives.

Alan Barsky, CHt, MH
Mill Valley , CA 94941
Nationally recognized speaker, Alan helps clients Lose weight, Gain self-confidence, Let Go of old problems, Get motivated, Remove bad habits and Add good habits.

Lisa Basso, RN, CH. Harmony Hypnosis
Santa Clara, CA Phone # 650-346-4109
Experience Hypnosis, Reiki, Hypnoreiki and Guided Meditations Groups
Relax, Rejuvanate and Retrain! I will help you to have your best life possible!

Rachael Beutler, LCSW, CHt, IHF Fellow
Sacramento, CA-Phone: (916) 686-4568 – E-Mail:
Rachael trains professionals, mental health clinicians & para-professionals in Human Potentialities, Smoking Cessation, Drug Education, Relapse Prevention, Motivation, Addiction Recovery, Interviewing, Resiliency & Self-Hypnosis.

Steve Bhaerman AKA "Swami Beyondananda"and Trudy Bhaerman AKA "Trudy Light"
Santa Rosa, CA-Phone: (707) 525-0711-E-mail:
Steve performs “Laughter As A Healing Art.” His wisdom is disguised as comedy, or is it comedy disguised as wisdom? Author of 3 books including his latest "Duck Soup For The Soul."

Suzie Bowers, CHT,
Soul Discovery Coach, Trainer, Since 1995 - California Hypnosis Center and School of Alternative Education for Healing Arts & Sciences, Stockton, California. (800) 758-1239 , FREE enewsletter, . Specializing in Stop Smoking, Weight Loss, Depression/Anxiety, Success Coaching, Spiritual Healing, Past Life Regression, Meditation and Hypnotherapist Certification.

Burke Hypnosis
Pam Burke, Hypnotherapist
17 E. 6th Street, #213
Tracy, CA  95376
Stop Smoking        Build Confidence Lose Weight          Eliminate Undesirable Behaviors Reduce Stress
Thank you. Pam Burke

Cathy Cain, CHt, NLP
Marin County, CA – Phone: 415-721-2466 – E-Mail:
Journey to your deepest wisdom with me as your guide. Manifest desires, resolve limiting beliefs, feel calm, motivated and empowered after one session. Energy work.

Preston Campbell, CCHt, PhD(c): Quantum Mind Dynamics
San Luis Obispo, LA, Orange County - Phone: (800) 694-9766 – E-Mail: -
Lose Weight – Keep it off forever. Stop Smoking in one hour. Breakthrough sessions enhance business and sales. Advanced influence & persuasion training. Eliminate unwanted behaviors.

Anthony R. Cara, MA, CHt
San Jose, CA – Phone: (408) 984-5274
ABH Certified since 2001. Specializing in Smoking Cessation, Exam Preparation, Stress Reduction, Relaxation, Guided Imagery, Personal Development Coach, Addiction/Recovery Coach.

Judith Ann Coffey, DCH: Out Of The Ashes, LLC
San Francisco/Santa Rosa/North Bay, CA – Phone: TF 888-X—SMOKE-X – E-Mail:
I use a proven English method to enable 95% of smokers to quit in just one hour; the remainder quit with a free backup session.

Katherine Crick: Turn Key Hypnotherapy
Santa Barbara & surrounding area, CA – Phone: 805-223-5359 – E-Mail: kathwren33@cs,com
Katherine brings over 800 hours Hypnosis experience to you. She has taught at two hypnotherapy schools in Colorado. She specializes in Cellular Healing‰

Shayn Cutino, CCht, HHP
Anja Wellness
Web site: 
Author, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Board Certified Holistic Practitioner guides people towards positive health and behavioral changes. Smoking Cessation Specialist with 95% success rate.

Haruko Emoto, CCHt, CMT, CSC
Berkeley, CA-Phone: (510) 841-5639-E-mail:
Healer, Spiritual Counselor and Clinical Hypnotherapist, Haruko assists clients in releasing physical and emotional blocks, accessing joy and connecting with the authentic self. English/Japanese spoken.

Misty S. M. Forsman, CHt: Starstone Energy Coaching: Mind, Body, Spirit
Bay Area /Northern CA – Phone: 415-492-2140 – E-mail: - Web site:
Get what you truly want! I help you direct all parts of yourself to work full-time on that goal until it is achieved!

Morris Gaede, RN, CARN, CHt: Health Services Associates
The Mother Lode, CA - Phone: (209) 962-4629, E-mail: - Web Site:
Health Services Associates is dedicated to promoting complementary and alternative health through our professional services and educational programs.

Carla Gerrisma HH Cht PO Box 148, Springville, CA 93265 Phone #: (559) 539-2417 Email: Web Site: Carla assists you to become your “Better Self” through step-by-step guided support improving your life gently with self-directed Holistic Healing Hypnotherapy. Office and phone appointments.

Marilyn Gordon, CHt, Center for Hypnotherapy Certification
Oakland, CA-Phone: (510) 839-4800-E-mail:
Toll Free: (800) 398-0034-Web Site:
Hypnotherapist, Speaker, School Director. Thirty years experience in artful consciousness transformation and healing. “Love uplifts, heals & amplifies your good and talents." Author of "Extraordinary Healing."

Janet Jones, CHt, CT.NLP, HCHI, M.S. Counseling.
San Francisco Bay Area/ San Leandro, Ca.
Telephone: (510) 639-9378(NEW-ZEST) cell : (510) 303-1107
E-mail: (bayareahypnochange)
Web site:
Hypnosis for positive change.
Hypnobabies instructor, Neurolinguistic Programming Trainer.
Explore possibilities. Experience wonderful, relaxing, safe, and effective techniques. Create and expand spiritual, emotional, and physical well being.

Margorie Keating,
Energizing Solutions, Monterey Phone: 831-394-4268 831-224-9711
Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master
web site:
Energizing Solutions Hypno. Freedom to choose, empowering for change
I do smoking cessation, stress relief, medical and dental hypnosis plus reiki.

Ewa Litauer, CCHt, MEd, MA: Hypnotherapy & Reiki for Mind, Body & Soul
San Francisco, CA – Phone: 415-364-1853 – E-Mail: - Web Site:
I specialize in assisting trauma recovery, sexual and relationship concerns, stress release anxiety and depression, spiritual counseling, work with children and teaching self-hypnosis.

Fred C Leidecker, CHt. IHF Instructor, International School of Paranormal Hypnotism and Enlightenment. PO 4010 Yankee Hill CA 95965
phone 530 533-8100 E-mail Web Site
Thirty years as a hypnotist. A student and teacher of Spiritual Awakening. His Radical, effective encounters in spirit facilitate amazing change through purification of consciousness

Sophia Mineyev, MA, CHt
Monterey, CA Phone # 831-601-4807
Create wellness, Tap personal resources and Discover who you really are and be all you can be. Sophia uses a powerful integrative approach so you thrive.

Phillip & Jane Mountrose, CHt, CSC: Awakenings Institute
Arroyo Grande, CA-Phone: (805) –
Web Site: www.
Phillip focuses on sharing information through his books, tapes, consultations and classes that promote spiritual awakenings along with profound methods for healing

Fran Myers, PhD, RN, CHt
San Jose, CA – Phone: (408) 723-2254– E-Mail:
Mind, Body, Spirit oriented RN, Nutritionist and Hypnotherapist, Fran helps you feel great and to let go of hurtful habits. Be Healthy Now!

Ralph Nuno CHI California Hypnosis Institute
Tracy CA e-mail: Ph# 209-836-3111

Roderick D. Penalosa, MA, CHt: Rod D. Penalosa
San Francisco, CA – Phone 510-552-9872 – E-Mail:
Spiritual Hypnotherapist specializing in Transformational-Healing methods. I am your guide and catalyst to your healing. I will also help you control habits and emotional freedom.

Carrole Lathrop Phillips, CHt, Huna, Quantum Touch, EBERT, ADEPT, CSC: Carrma Enterprises
Northern & SF Bay Area, CA – Phone: (650) 473-6970 – E-Mail:
Intuitive energy tune-ups for one’s health and wellness of body, mind and spirit using Hypnotherapy, Huna plus other modalities while having FUN healing yourself!

Lorraine Paloma CHt. IHF Instructor. Mystic Valley Retreat and International School of Paranormal Hypnotism and Enlightenment. PO 4010 Yankee Hill CA 95965
phone 530 533-8100 E-mail Web Site
Tarot consultant and avid student of Spiritual awareness, her focus is on creating a Spiritual healing center (Mystic Valley Retreat) where she facilitates classes and workshops.

Seth-Deborah Roth
Oakland, CA – Phone: (510) 690-0699 – E-Mail:
Certified Medical Hypnotherapist & Nurse

Talia Shafir, MA, CCHt: Center for Integrated Therapy
Sonoma County/Greater San Francisco Bay Area- Phone: 760-416-9665
E-Mail: Web Site
Integral Past Life Regression (Woolger Method), Gestalt Dreamwork, Quantum-Touch®, Acoustic Therapy, Psychodrama. Int. Seminars/Trainings/Phone Sessions, Individuals/couples

Martin Silva, CH
Modesto/ San Franscisco e-mail: ph# 209-402-0399
Discover the power of your mind improve your life and achive your goals, Descubre el poder de tu mente mejora tu vida y logra tus metas.

Dr. Diana Stefani
Northern California, European MD, alopatic and holistic medicine, trained personally by the creator of TimeLine Therapy. Results guaranteed 100% for adults and children, any diagnosis.1-800-507-4581 ;".

Beverly E. Taylor, CHt, CSC, CLP: Easy Key to Life Institute
Palo Alto/San Francisco Bay Area/San Jose/Silicon Valley, CA
Phone: 866-326-EASY (3279) Website: Email:
Beverly and her staff assists you to expand your potential and improve your life, using Hypnotherapy, especially with the interactive Easy Key to Life method, a simple, yet profound, way of clearing out emotional pain to access one’s true love, happiness and wisdom. English and Spanish.

Judy Umansky, CHt, RN, IHF Advisory Board Member
Oxnard, CA-Toll Free: 800-601-6018-E-mail:
Judy Umansky is a Registered Nurse, Healing Touch Practitioner and Hypnotherapist.

John L. Walker, MS, PhDc
Union City, CA Phone: (510) 441-9383 – E-Mail:
Discover your life blueprint with Akashic Record Readings and receive Ericksonian Trance-therapy and Subtle Energy Field Transmissions to understand and change it!

Rebecca Wallace, MA, CHt
New Horizons Hypnotherapy Associates: Sonoma County, CA
Phone # 888 823 6128
e-mail: Website:
With over twenty years experience in Hypnotherapy, Ms Wallace’s current primary focus is as a Smoking Cessation Specialist.

James Wanless, PhD, IHF Advisory Board Member: Wanless Tarot Institute (Since 1995)
Monterey County, CA-Phone: (831) 644-9096-E-mail: (831) 659-3737
Web Site:
Creator of the Voyager Tarot Cards. Author of numerous books. Seminars available.

Kay Warren, CHt, CMT, EFT
Sacramento, CA – Phone: (916) 813-2716 – E-Mail:
As a medical massage therapist, I use Hypnotherapy to facilitate healing and control chronic pain. I also work with Past Life Regression and Energy Retrieval.

Deborah J. Wistow, RN, MFT
SF East Bay, CA – Phone: (925) 746-0431 – E-Mail:
Deborah Wistow is a seasoned Psychotherapist, Nurse and Biofeedback Practitioner. She specializes in: Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Chronic Pain, Anxiety Disorders and Chronic Illness.

Hon Wong, CHt
Modesto/Sacramento, CA – Phone: 209-324-2525 – E-Mail: - Web Site: &
Mr. Wong has been using Hypnosis on himself and friends since 13-years-old. Now, at 40+ he teaches Hypnosis for life changes and does stage shows.

Nicola Wood, CH
San Luis Obispo, CA – Phones: 805 688 5502 & 805 350 0421 – E-Mail:
Benefit from hypnosis and holistic modalities including EFT, NLP and Reiki. My goal is to facilitate your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing and well being.

Gary C. Yeatts,MSW
Clarity Technologies
Sacramento/ Roseview area
Phone # Toll Free: 866-363-2016
Use the Law of Attraction to transform your life and work. Stop Smoking in one session, It’s easy with Hypnosis. NLP and Executive Coaching available.

Southern California, USA
Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, PhD, IHF Founder: Creativity Learning Institute, Dean
California- Phone: (310) 541-4844-Email: - Web Site:
Certifies Hypnotists, Past Life Therapists, Spiritual Counselors and Stage Hypnotists. She is the founder and spokesperson for the Int. Hypnosis Federation. Shelley received the Pen and Quill Award from the Int. Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Assoc. and the 2001 President’s Award from the Int. Association of Counselors and Therapists. The Hypnosis Hall of Fame, Soroptimist Club, Int. Family Health Counsel of the Pacific, Angel Awards and Toastmasters Int., have honored her.

Sallie Albertina, CCHt Palm Springs, CA Phone: 760 327 5927 e-mail website: A
compassionate, supportive environment to address many issues including self-esteem, stress, depression, relationships, pain-management, addictions, fears, phobias and anxieties through the gentle power of hypnotherapy.

Gerry Eileen Albrecht, CHt
Trabuco Canyon, CA Phone #: 949-690-0874
Past Life Regression and many other fascinating explorations help you relax and love yourself.

Lea Alexander, OM, ThD, CH
Los Angeles CA – Phone: (818) 846-3822 – E-Mail:
Web Site:
Dr. of Theology who helps with Hands-on-Healing, Hypnosis and Soul Centered Emotional Release.

Victoria L. Allen: Hypnotherapy For You
Burbank, CA – Phone: (213) 484-0478 – E-Mail:
Web Site:
Hypnosis For Childbirth

Michael Almaraz: Deeper States Hypnotherapy
Long Beach/Orange County, CA – Phone: (562) 426-6884 – E-Mail: Web Site:
Reach your goals! Stop Smoking, Weight Reduction, Exam Preparation and much more. Open your mind, heart and 3rd eye. Call upon your new you today.

Tehara Asad, CH
Orange, CA Phone: 714-812-8986 email :
Tehara is a certified Hypnotherapist using Hypnosis for pain free permanent Makeup.

Toni Attell, : CHt , Certified in: Time-Line, Past Life Regression, Body Parts, EFT
Los Angeles, Ca- Phone 818-787-8685
Emmy nominated actress, focuses on Transpersonal Hypnosis. Attell created "Improv -Hypnosis" and "Hypnosis and Intuition for Writers, Directors&Actors" and Past Life DNA Body Readings. I am also a level 2 Reiki master and trained in NLP..

Mary Ann Antenucci
Long Beach & Orange County, CA – Phone: (714) 264-8976 – E-Mail:
Weight Loss Specialist, Allergy Release, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy. Customize flower essences too. Raise your frequency. Look and feel great to the core.

Dr. Zarin Azar, MD.
New Earth Medicine
L.A., Orange County, L.B. areas Phone #: 562-402-2384 e-mail:
Natural, Holistic Gastroenterologist. addresses the whole of a person in healing physical, emotional, spiritual bodies. Telephone consultations available nationally as well as internationally.

Kirk Barrett, MA, MFT: Encino Hypnosis
San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, CA – Phone: 818-377-2035 – E-Mail:
Thirty years experience alleviating anxiety, phobia, depression. Smoking Cessation Specialist. Enhancement of performance in sports, music, acting, career goals and self-confidence.

Alfred A. Barrios, PhD: SPC Center
Los Angeles, CA – Phone: (310) 301-3317 – E-Mail: - Web Site:
Areas of Hypnosis expertise: mind/body approach to combating cancer; smoking cessation; weight loss; learning improvement; UCLA PhD in Psychology. Inventor Stress Cards! See website articles.

Karen Beaumont, LMT, ET, CH
San Diego and Encinitas: Phone # : 858-414-7126 and 877-421-9973 e-mail: website:
Wellness Therapies Center of Health And Happiness. Practioner of Hypnotherpy-Massage Therapist-Energy Therapist- Clinical Herbologist and Intuitive Messages.

Jerry Beck, CH
Orange County CA Phone # 949-497-5878
Master Hypnotist Certification for Smoking Cessation, Motivation, Stress, etc.

Stephen Bendshadler:Breakthrough Consulting
Riverside, CA – Phone: 888) 90-2QUIT (7848)– E-Mail:
Smoking Cessation Specialist, Steve will help you stop in just one hour – with a lifetime guarantee! He’s a Master Hypnotist, NLP/ Time Line Therapist, Practitioner/Trainer.

Melissa Bergstrom, RN, DCHt: Just Imagine“
Los Angeles, CA-Phone: (310) 973-3397-E-mail:
Toll Free: (888) 230-6669-Web Site:
As your Personal Success Coach and Consultant, Melissa empowers you to create your goals using Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy‘, Hypnosis, Reiki & Huna. Hypnotherapy Instructor.

Gloria Berry, RN, AS, CHt, CIHt: West Covina Medical Hypnotherapy Clinic
Los Angeles, Inland Empire, W Covina, CA – Phone Toll Free: 877-851-0818– E-Mail:
Anxiety, Stress, smoking, appetite control, phobias, insomnia, ADHD/ADD, pain control, improve study habits/memory, alcohol/drugs and much more.

Matt Beucler, CH, MBA
Huntington Beach, CA-Phone: (714) 378-9211 -E-mail:
Fax: (714) 378-1999-Web Site:
Hypnotist, Life Coach and NLP Practitioner.

W. Russell Bird, MA, CHt
Chico, CA – Phone: (530) 893-0240 – Toll Free Phone: (800) 460-2473 – E-Mail: - Web Site:
Russell Bird holds special certifications for Fibromyalgia, Irritable Bowel and Stop Smoking in One Hour. Also general Hypnotherapy services, Biogram Therapy and Biofeedback.

Vrisayda P. Boggess, BCH, PhDc, IHF Fellow: Smoke Cessation Specialist
Orange County, CA – Phone: (949) 727-4197 – E-Mail: - WebSite:
Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapist, NLP, Time Line Master Practitioner. PhD cand idate in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Lose Weight, Stop Smoking, Relieve Tension, Fibromyalgia, Pain, Fears, and Succeed.

Ann Boroch, ND, CHt: Quintessential Healing
West Hollywood, CA- Phone: (323) 658-5546-E-mail:
Web Site:
Naturopathic Doctor, Clinical Hypnotherapist & author of "The Cure for Multiple Sclerosis: My Personal Journey." Ann specializes in allergies, candidiasis, gastrointestinal disorders & autoimmune diseases.

C. Lee Boutt, CHt: Mind Body Consulting
Yuba City, CA – Phone: ( 530) 751-1015 – E-Mail:
Mind Body Consulting: hypnosis, kinesiology & emotional, stress and phobia release helps you get rid of a painful past and embrace a happy future.

Aviva Boxer, OMD, PhD, LAc, HMD: To The Point
Los Angeles/Westside/So Bay, CA – Phone: (310) 577-0104 – E-Mail:
Aviva’s Classical Homeopathy matches one plant, animal or mineral remedy dosed one time to heal all physical, mental and emotional symptoms that interfere with vitality.

Jean Marie Bradshaw, MA/BS, MS/MFT
Long Beach, CA – Phone: (562) 754-2938 – E-Mail:
A counselor specializing in therapy for child abuse, anger management, relationship issues. Prior careers: Technical manager at DIRECTV, and Army Sergeant Vietnam/Desert Storm eras.

Sandra Bright, CHt
Murrieta, CA – phone: 951 443 5083 – E-Mail:
I help people stop smoking in one hour with a lifetime guarantee. Hypnosis and Linguistic Programming.

Sandra Rudy Brown, CH
Los Angeles, CA – Phone: (310) 666-4149
Provides healing arts including Hypnosis and Reiki. Good medical intuition makes you well! Be excited about your life’s mission. Creativity Coaching and also piano instruction.

Wendy L. Brown, MPA, CCH, CtHA
Los Angeles/Orange County, CA – Phone: (596) 818-4144 – E-Mail:
Caring, Intelligent and Dedicated Healer: Certified Hypnotherapist, Keiki Master/Teacher, Energy Therapeutics and Guided Imagery. Sessions conducted in peaceful, private setting. Group sessions available upon request

Marla Brucker, DCH, R.HA 858-587-0422 The Motivational Institute of Hypnotherapy offers a 250 hour comprehensive certification in Integrative Hypnotherapy including Energy Psychology, NLP, and a Supervised Internship. San Diego, CA. Call: Dr Marla Brucker, DCH, R.HA 858-587-0422 or Jessika D'Arcy, BFA, HHP, CCH 619-405-4226

Laura "Kittenit" Buford, CHt: Inner Dynamism Hypnotherapy
Glendale, California (818) 552-2928, Email:
Certified Hypnotherapist, Life/Success Coach. Tap into the Magic of your Mind. Weight reduction, Past Lives, Smoking Cessation, Motivation, Self-Confidence, Study, Therapeutic Imagery, Spiritual Counseling, Law of Attraction.

Judith Cameron, PhD, CHtA
Orange County, CA – Phone: (714) 992-0360 – E-Mail:
Clinical Hypnotherapist (17 years), Teacher of Psychology and Physical Science (34 years) and Public Speaker. She specializes in positive attitude and healing energy that enables one to get better.

Patricia R. Campbell, CHt
Orange County, CA Phone#: 714-225-1391
Wellness Hypnosis, Lose weight, Stop Smoking, Erase Pain. Explore Past Lives and Love Yourself.

Brian Campbell, Esq: Attorney At Law
Los Angeles, Inland Empire, CA – Phones: (909) 355-3233 or (818) 350-0313 – E-Mail:
Alternative integrative mediation (AIM) pre-litigation dispute and conflict resolution. Debt reduction-spend smart programs, family law mediation.

Preston Campbell, CCHt, PhD(c): Quantum Mind Dynamics
Los Angeles, Orange County, CA - Phone: (800) 694-9766 – E-Mail: -
Lose Weight – Keep it off forever. Stop Smoking in one hour. Breakthrough sessions enhance business and sales. Advanced influence & persuasion training. Eliminate unwanted behaviors.

Georgiana Cancasci, CHt, CSC
West Hills & Valencia, CA-Phone: (818) 481-8567-E-mail:
Hypnotherapist & Spiritual Counselor, specializes in Healing Energy Fields, Managing Pain, & Past Life Regression. Imagery releases blocks for a better way of life.

Erin C. Carey, Hypnotist
Los Angeles/So Bay, CA – Phone: (310) 547-3096 – E-mail:
Specializing in: Weight Loss, Self Esteem/Self Confidence, Release Negative Patterns, Overcome Depression, Eliminate Fears/Phobias, Achieve Success, Memory/Concentration Improvement, Establish Powerful New Attitudes.

Rhonda Carpenter, CCHt
Arrowhead, CA- Phone: (909) 336-9549-E-mail:
Web Site:
17 years experience as a Psychic, Transpersonal Hypnotherapist & Handwriting Expert. Guides & motivates positive change. Lectures, classes & private sessions. Founder

Zos Cassell, CHt
Monarch Beach, CA Phone: 949-874-8451 email:
Zoe is a Certified Hypnotherapist specializing in Photography for Hypnosis brochures and business cards. Zoe is also an intuitive and healer.

Jacqueline Clark, OM, CHt
Los Angeles/Pasadena, CA – Phone: (818) 887-5548 – E-Mail:
Use Guided Imagery, Creative Visualization, Hypnosis and Stress Reduction processes and techniques to enrich body, mind and spirit.

Linda Clements-Urick, CHt- Motivational Hypnosis
Valencia, CA-Phone: (213) 891-2630-E-mail:
Web Site:
Unleash Your Potential! Utilizing the latest therapeutic techniques, Linda helps you eliminate creative blocks, negative behavior & stress while increasing your success, prosperity & happiness.

Jenifer Cochagne, PhD (Bilingual-Spanish): One Stop Psychologist-Children & Adults
SF Valley, Los Angeles CA - Phone: (818) 996-8852 – E-Mail:
Licensed Psychologist, Clinical/Educational Testing. Life Career Coaching, Hypnosis, NLP, DNA Therapy & Energy Healing. AD/OCD/Anger/Sleep Disorders. Victim of Crimes/Immigration/Personal Injury documentation, evaluations & treatment.

Ramona Colbert, CHt
Los Angeles, CA – Phone: 310 496 2171 – E-Mail: - Web Site:
Hypnobabies Birth Instructor.

Karen Connell, CHt
San Fernando Valley Phone # 818-517-3491 e-mail:
My Mission is to show you how to release negativies created by fear, stress, pain or low self confidence and replace them with positive more effective life choices.

Scott Corum: Corum Hypnotherapy
Los Angeles So Bay/Torrance, CA 90503 – Phone: (310) 427-5286 – E-Mail:
Relax and let stress, grief and phobias go. Help is focused on your needs. Guided imagery, NLP, Hypno-Motivation frees your full potential.

Sharon Faye Costello
Monrovia, CA – Phone: 818-590-3805 – E-Mail:
I love people and helping them.

Shayn Cutino, CCht, HHP
Anja Wellness
Web site:
 Author, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Board Certified Holistic Practitioner guides people towards positive health and behavioral changes. Smoking Cessation Specialist with 95% success rate.

Karen L. Dastrup, PsyD, MFT: Family Counseling & Neurofeedback
LA, South Bay, CA – Phone: (310) 225-6707 – E-Mail:
The mind, body and spirit are inter-related and focusing on innate life forces will help you master your optimum health.

Annete Davidson, CH
Los Angeles: Phone # 310-922-3299
Intutive & Spiritual Counselor. Hypnosis for Past Life Regression and Habit Change. Release Fears and Phobias- Quit Smoking- and More!

Carmen De Hesa
Los Angeles (San Garbiel Valley), CA – Phone: (626) 334-4452
Hypnotist and Psychic with a major in psychology. Star of NBC’s Telamundo radio and television programs. English or Espanol.

Al Denney, PhD, CHt
San Fernando Valley, CA, Phone: (818) 888-1226
Psychic Surgery for face, neck and forearms to smooth wrinkles and firm your body to the state you were when you were in your prime.

Wil Dieck
San Diego area e-mail: Phone:858- 874-5988 Will Dieck has spent over 30 years studying how to increase human potential. For more information about Wil and his prictice go to

Jay Dowdle, CH
Los Angeles, CA Phone #: 310-800-5790 email:
The Rockstar of Hypnosis. Mentalism, Mindreading - Exciting High Energy, Comedy Rock and Roll Hypnosis Show

Heather Dubin, CHt: Accentuous
Encino, CA – PhoneL 818-625-4212 – E-Mail:
I increase your ability to empower yourself to achieve harmony within your own skin. Empowering your inner self…enhances your outer beauty.

Phyllis Elliott Dworsky, PhD, CH
Los Angeles/So Bay, CA-Phone: (310) 378-7181
E-mail: Site:
Psychotherapist, Hypnotist who treats all disease with reverence. Release Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders and Addictions. Have great relationships with yourself and others.

Liane Dyson
San Diego County, CA – E-Mail:

Mildred Enriquez : Rialto, CA phone 909 854 8469 e-mail

Kathe Evans: AE Sports Int’l
Orange County, CA – Phone: (866) 345-2882 – E-Mail:
Web Site:
Providing mental performance training to professional athletes as well as athletes looking to progress to the pro level.

Exciting Changes Hypnosis
Ventura Phone # (805)642-8111 e-mail
Stop Smoking in one hour, Guaranteed!

Ernie T. Farhat, SDC, BS, CHt, IHF Fellow: Zen Golf
Los Angeles/So. Bay, CA-Phone: (310) 645-8700-E-mail:
Play Zen Golf by integrating the joy of success and the movement of your body, club and ball. To a spiritual awakened target. Play Zen golf…get a hole-in-one!

Nancy C. Felipe, CH
Seal Beach, Long Beach, Signal Hill, CA – Phone: (310) 366-9124 – E-Mail:
A Certified Hypnotist and Massage Therapist, skin care/make-up consultant. Mind, Body, Spirit; Promote beauty inside and out.

Debra K. Fentress, CHt, PhDc: Spiral Visions, Inc.
Ventura County, CA Phone: 818-422-2474 - E-mail: - Web Site: www.spiralvisionsinc,com
Create a partnership with your conscious and subconscious mind. Bring about positive changes in health, self esteem, relationships. Overcome insomnia and pain. Improve your life.

Maria Flertcher, CH
Huntington Beach, CA Phone # 714-450-5872
Specialize in Hypnosis and Hypnomassage. Located in Huntington Beach.

Julianne Flora-Tostado, PhD: Flora-Tostado Psychologists
Orange County, CA – Phone: 949-939-5361 – E-Mail:
Professionals-Parents-Create Joy, balancing love, work and play. Caring, experienced, licensed Psychologist (psy10321). Psychotherapy and Self-Hypnosis for PTSD, IBS, Text Anxiety and Panic.

Sheila H. Forman, JD, PhD, CHt
Los Angeles, CA – Phone: (310) 828-8004 – E-Mail: - Web Site:
Dr. Forman treats anxiety, depression, emotional overeating, smoking cessation and money issues using a combination of individual psychotherapy, group psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and coaching.

Liz Fortini
Los Angeles, CA – Phone: (323) 728-9675 – E-mail:
Liz offers Hypnotherapy and Intuitive Healing to help you release emotional & physical pain and feel terrific.

Richard A. Foster
Escondido Hypnotherapy Center
Escondido phone # (760) 644-5316 e-mail
Professional Hypnotherapist, Richard A. (Rick) Foster, helps people Stop Smoking in 1 Hour™. Escondido Hypnotherapy Center is located in Escondido, CA. (760) 644-5316,

Aaronya Bivens Foster
Area: LB, LA Phone #: 562-225-5905, 562-424-3221 e-mail:L
Relaxation Therapy- Be more positive- overcome stress addiction and fear, embrace your greatness. Spiritual Coaching and Counseling.

Patti Fox, CHt
Malibu, CA – Phone: (888) 747-4488 & (310) 457-2630 – E-Mail: - Web Site:
Hypnotherapy Teacher, Medium, Healer. Author of “Star Angel Story,” star of California & Colorado public access TV show “Star Angels.” Private sessions worldwide.

Wendi Friesen, CHt
Eldorado Hills, CA – Phone: 877-68 HAPPY (order in USA) or 916-933-0700 (USA & International)
Email: - Web Site:
Expert Wendi, of the wildly successful, personally helps YOU achieve financial abundance. Her Hypnotherapy approach let’s you explore and discover your deserving spirit.

Susan Fuchs
San Fernando Valley, CA – Phone: (877) 786-7614 – E-Mail:
I help people to stop smoking in 1 hour. Lifetime Guarantee.

Suzannah Galland, CH
Los Angeles, CA - Phone: 310-335-0365 -Toll Free: (877) 335-0365– E-Mail: - Web Site:
Suzannah is a spiritual counselor and hypnotist. She currently shares a practice with therapists and psychiatrists in Los Angeles, CA.

Bonnie Garrett
Santa Clarita Valley/Saugus, CA – Phone: (661) 296-8727 – E-Mail:
Bonnie’s degree is in Psychology and she has worked in a clinic practicing hypnosis and private coaching for over 10 years.

Frank Genco, CHt, IHF Board Member
Westminster, CA- Phone: (714) 775-7715- E-mail: mindtrack@aol
Hypnotherapist, Author & Lecturer for over 50 years. Instructor for self-hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Certification in 14 colleges. Sports enhancement, stage hypnosis. Numerous top honors.

Christina Gikas, CHt, MMsc, GNOSIS
Orange County, CA-Phone: (949) 436-2148 - E-mail:
ABH Certified Hypnotherapist with a Bachelor's in Psychology and Master's in Metaphysical Science. Spirit guides, understanding situations, grief, closure, past life regression, self-actualization and counseling.

John Goode: John Goode, DDS Inc.
South Bay, Los Angeles, CA – Phone: (310) 833-4677 – E-Mail: Web Site:
Consulting: Hypnosis in Orthodontic Practice; Self Hypnosis for improving Golf Performance & Enjoyment; Lifewave – Energy Enhancement Technology.

Gloria Gorce, CHt: Healing With Hypnotherapy
Kern County/Bakersfield, CA – Phone: (661) 322-1759 – E-Mail:
Gloria has a unique ability of gently work through barriers. She specializes in sexual trauma, past life exploration, permanent weight loss and smoking cessation.

Mo Kough Hainer, M.A.
MO's Kitchen Palm Springs, CA
Phone #: 760-325-9655 e-mail:
Animal Healings Guidence Counselor, Playships, Well Being, Humanist. Help with Death-Dying+ Caregiving. Studied with Kubler-Ross.

Robert Hall. CHt
Orange County, CA Phone # : 714-482-8721
Develop YOUR psychic ability NOW! Classes+ intensive training. Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Precognition, ESP, Auras, Astrial Bodies + more! Unfold your secret magical ability Now!

Patricia Hampton, CHt: DeepSong Therapy
San Diego, CA – Phone: (619) 410-3597 – E-Mail:
Do you need forgiveness? DeepSong Therapy uses music and language to reach the subconscious mind in a compassionate way. Hypnoanalysis and telephone consultation available.

Judith Harris, EdD: Therapeudic Healing Arts
Palm Springs, CA – Phone: (716) 510-2678 – E-Mail:
Certified Hypnotherapist, Life/Spiritual Coach, Reiki Master, Minister of Holistic Healing, Educator/Consultant/Professional Speaker. Judith’s diversified experiences and training help you through the healing process.

Moira Harris, CH
Los Angeles, CA – Phone: (310) 538-8119 – E-Mail:
Experience the healing power of hypnosis. Realize lifelong dreams and take control of your life. Lose weight, quit smoking, break habits, and accomplish personal goals.

Patrick L.Healey, PhD, MFT
Orange County, Ca Phone # (949) 733-1440 #6
Dr. Healey, Licensed Psychotherapist, can help you stop smoking. He has helped many people over the years to address their most personal problems and needs.

Vickie L. Hershberger, BA, CHt
South Bay- Torrance, San Pedro, RPV Phone # 310-832-0963
Professional Certification in Interactive Guided Imagery and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Specializing in Stress Management, Surgical Preparation, Smoking Cessation, Weight Control and Childbirth Preparation.

Roxan Higuera, CH
Torrance, CA Phone # 310-953-5506 email:
Trained at Hypnovation Movitation Institute in Hypnotherapy, Weight Loss, Stop Smoking and more.

Rae C. Hipolito, MFT, Certified Hypnotist
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
Phone # 310-614-9617
"Creat joy in your life and feel inner peace. Uncover and release your limiting beliefs that lead you to feel stuck, depressed or anxious." Blessings, Rae

Jann Hoffman, CHt, Miracles of the Mind: Intuitive Hypnotherapy
Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley Phone 818-300-0026 e-mail:
I inspire new thinking, habits and beliefs through hypnosis and teach my clients how to draw out their sleeping giants and polish their fading hopes.

Michael G. Holt, CCHt, NLP, IHF Instructor: Doc Magi Productions, Inc
Valencia, CA – Phone: (661) 286-2179 – E-Mail: - Web Site:
Specializing in Hypnotherapy, NLP, and Magic. Discover the Mind of the Magi and unlock the many powers of your mind.

Judy Hughes, CSC
Los Angeles, South Bay, CA – Phone: (310) 517-9902 – E-Mail:
Talk to Your Angels! Spiritual Counseling, Numerology, Tarot Reading, Spiritual Healing.

Patricia Humphreys, PhD, MA, DD Orange County Phone714-639-1809

Dr. Humphreys, a University Professor, Clinical Psychologist,and guest speaker, is known for her ground-breaking treatment for children and adults with serious digestive problems.

Pamela Hutchinson
Calabasas, CA – Phone: (818) -222-9176 – E-Mail: - Web Site:
Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression, Past Life Regression, Angelic Healing, Soul Retrieval and Psychic Development. Hypnotherapy for business, weight management, prosperity, health and sports performance.

Adele Jackmovich
Orange & Los Angeles Counties, West Covina, CA – Phone: 626-918-1017 – E-Mail::
Self-Improvement/Self Hypnosis: infertility, migraines, stress relief, overcome chromic fatigue, positive parenting. Take a mental vacation!

Darlene Johnson, PhD, CCHt
LA/SF Valley, CA- Phone: (818) 343-3534
Holds a PhD in Psychology Education and a Masters in Administration of Justice. Specializes in Self-Empowerment, Financial Success, Overcome Learning Limits. Corporate & Private available.

Janice C. Johnson, PhD
Mid-City, Los Angeles, CA – Phone: (323) 734-9522
Exploring potentials and challenges through the modalities of Psychotherapy, Interactive Guided Imagery and Hypnosis.

Rhona Jordan, CHt, CGI
Orange County, CA – Phone: (714) 974-4094 – E-Mail:
Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Guided Imagery Therapist using imagery to remember the recorded and stored events in the body and reprogram those events for healing.

Edmund Jurkiewicz, CH
Los Angeles, CA - Phone: (310) 831-5704 – E-Mail:
Development of excellence in sports activities and school performance via simple and friendly hypnotic techniques.

Donna Kannard, CHt: Passage Hypnotherapy

Santa Ana, CA-Phone-714-973-2131

Author of TRANCE MAGIC HYPNOTHERAPY SYSTEM, specializing in Hypnosis, NLP, Kinesilogy and Energywork. Licensed by Brain Gym International as an Instructor and Balance Facilitator

Katherine Kenedi, CHt, CI: Bottom Line Hypnosis
Orange County, CA – Phone: (714) 401-6686– E-Mail:
Hypnosis for the Business Professional: Increase productivity, achieve success, improve self-confidence, release limiting habits. 20 years Trainer, Coach & Entrepreneur experience. Group and Individual appointments.

Jeanna Kindle - Affirmations Extraordinaire
So CA – Phone: (323) 291-8519 – E-Mail:
The “Hostess of Hypnosis” invites you to reach your full potential. In a few sessions become poised, dynamic, self-assured and goal successful.

Irene M. Knutsen, PhD (c)
San Diego County, CA – Phone: (760) 809-2837 – E-Mail:
Transform your life, live your true magnificence, enhance your personal power and excellence with higher self hypnosis.

Patrick A. Kolve, CHt
Ventura County, CA-Phone: (818) 706-8460-E-mail:
Feel Good Now! Patrick specializes in Pain Management, Releasing Phobias, Smoking Cessation and Weight Control. Also learn to pass tests and be your best.

Douglas H. Kopitzke, CHt: AAA Chino Hypnosis Center
Chino, CA – Phone: 909-628-9983 – E-Mail:
Over thirty years experiences teaching and utilizing the most advanced and powerful hypnotic techniques.

Jeffrey Kott, CMH. Blink Hypnosis
Manhattan Beach, CA – (310) 850-5694 –
Web Site:
Jeff provides Sports and Life Performance Enhancements. He is a Sports Hypnostist certified through the National Endurance and Sports Training Association. Jeff also has specialty training as a Child Hypnotherapist.

Al Krasner, PhD, CHt, IHF Fellow: American Board of Hypnotists
Palm Springs, CA-Phone: (760) 416-9665-E-Mail:
Founder of the American Board of Hypnotists & Fellow of the International Hypnosis Federation. Al Krasner is one of the great Hypnotists of the 20th Century.

Jean Krueger, Ph.D.
Orange county, CA. (714)-536-0408. email:
Web site:
Hypnotherapist speaker and author of: Why the weight? Dare to be great!
specialist in weight loss and spiritual hypnotherapy. Jean helps people release the "weights" behind: food cravings . smoking . pain. drinking . drugging . anxiety . stress . exams . fears . self-esteem . sports . past lives...and more!
recipient of international hypnosis federation award of excellence in education, 2006.

Phil La Puma, MBA, CHt, IHF-Hypnosis Instructor
Anaheim, CA – Phone: 714-928-1561 – E-Mail:
Web Site:
Hypnosis and coaching for prosperity, health, wellness, focus, goal achievement, study- test habits, pain management and rapid sports healing.

Pamela Carol Lazarus, CMH
Los Angeles, CA – E-Mail:
I specialize in helping you understand yourself and your life situation better. Feel great, lose weight and stop destructive habits. You deserve a great relationship with yourself.

Richard Lederer, PhD
San Diego, CA – Phone: (858) 549-6788-E-Mail:
Speaker & personality, Dr. Lederer is the syndicated author of more than 2000 articles and books about language and humor.

Fred C. Leidecker, CHt: Mystic Valley Retreat
East of Chico, Yankee Hill, CA – Phone: 530-533-8100 –
Web Site:
Fred C. Leidecker, teacher and facilitator of healing, works with Spirit—the ultimate healing modality, clearing entities and dark force. Private appointments and training available.

Eileen Leonard, CCHt
Westlake Village, CA – Phone: (818) 597-1255
Certified Hypnotherapist in Westlake. Recapture your youth and vitality through stress relief, relaxation, rejuvenation and hypnosis. Dare to make problems into opportunities for growth. Feel great!

Pablo Luna, CH Rosemead, CA e-mail: Bilingual, English-Spanish. The time is now, come and get it; Money, Love, Health, get rid of pain, addictions, lose weight and more.

Wendy Mackowski, MA, CPCC, CHt
Body Wisdom Center for Healing
23232 Peralta Dr. Suite 205
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
(949) 633-1358
Life and Business Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, EFT Practitioner specializing in Creating Intentional Success. Works with people coast to coast to overcome blocks to personal success.

Khalif A. Majied, D.C.H., M.A.
Monrovia, CA Phone #: 310-849-6903
Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy, Master of Organizational Behavior and Certified Practitioner of NLP. Specialization: Relaxation, Za Zen Meditation, Oncology and Pain Relief. "Master Your Space"!

Albert J. Marotta, CHt, IHF Fellow: Marotta/Wikkeling Hypnotherapy
Alhambra, CA-Phone: (323) 222-3874-E-mail:
Traditional Hypnotherapy, Complimentary Medical Hypnosis, Grief Resolution, Depression, Trauma, Phobia. Akashic Records, Past/Pre Life Prenatal, Entity/Curse Releasement, ET Abductees, Remote Therapy.

Ezekiel Martin CHt
Motivation & Relaxation Institute
Bakersfield, CA Ph#: 661-346-9140 e-mail : ezekielmartin@live.vom
Bakerfield, Las Vegas
Services:***Certified Master Clinical Hypnotherapist**** Smoking Cessation* Weight Loss* Overcome Fears* Panic Attackes* Sleep disorders* Reduce Stress* Relaxation* Motivation* Improve Performance* Relationship Enhancement* Exam Anxiety* Fear of flying*Body Syndromes * Anger Management* Improve Sales Thank you with Love and Respect Ezekiel

David McKnight, MS, CHt
Los Angeles South Bay, CA - Phone: 310-732-1703 – E-Mail:
David McKnight is a certified Hypnotist and holds a Masters Degree in psychotherapy. Specializes in overcoming negative habits, career and relationship issues and transpersonal development.

Maureen Mercury, PhD, CHt: Power Hypnosis
Coachella Valley, CA – Phone: (760) 325-4988
Breakthrough Limits, Stimulate Imagination. Dr. Mercury’s background is in psychological counseling and depth psychology she augments her practice with Sandplay, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and dream analysis.

Marjorie Miles, MFT, DCH: Journey of Your Dreams
Orange County, CA – Phone: (714) 963-6686 – E-Mail:
Web Site:
Awaken your Inner Genius to live a happy, healthy, abundant life through private or group sessions with Marjorie, Dream Specialist, Hypnotherapist,Weight Release, and Wellness and Lifestyle Coach.

Laurie Miller, CCHt Hypnosis Concepts
Newport Beach, CA Ph #: 949-250-7355 e-mail: 21 years experience helping people to successfully help themselves to overcome bad habits, fear, stress, anxiety, and confidence issues. Free consultation and tape.

Debra Mittler, ChT
Culver City, CA Phone # 310 948 9997 e-mail
I specialize in working with eating disorders. I will help you to change limitations, beliefs, feel safe around food and improve your quality of living.

Randy Monk, Certified Smoke Cessation Hypnotherapist
San Jose, CA and surrounding area – Phone 1-866-786-7191
Web site:
Specializing is Smoke Cessation Hypnotherapy.

Janet Montgomery, CHt
Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, CA – Phone: 818-458-8564 – E-Mail:
Certified Hypnotherapist with over thirty years of experience in the health field. One of her specialties is working with tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

Martie Morgan, CCHt, HHP, CMT: Hypnosis & Holistic Health Center
Bakersfield/Santa Barbara, CA – Phone: (661) 327-3529-E-Mail:
With over 12 years in Holistic Health, Martie works with Hypnosis, Massage, Acupressure, Energy Healing and Nutrition helping people heal their Mind, Body & Spirit.

Winifred Morice, CHt
Torrance, CA – Phone: (310) 378-6546 – E-Mail:
Mind/Body Motivational Nutritionist. Winifred wrote Richard Simmons “Deal A Meal” and cookbooks. Inspirational and enthusiastic seminars, individual counseling, incorporating Hypnotism, Feng Shui and Nutrition.

Paul Mostman, PhD, CHt, IHF Fellow
Granada Hills, CA-Phone: (818) 368-1161-E-mail:
Web Site:
Recognized since 1966 as a highly respected professional hypnotist. His Emotional Release Therapy permanently eliminates negative emotions and feelings. Clients receive personalized, one-on-one therapy.

Terry Mostman, CHt, ZMT
San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, CA – Phone: (818 ) 360-7155 – E-Mail:
Transform your life with Hypnosis, energetic body work and intuitive counseling so that you go from being insecure and unfilled to balanced health and joy.

Phillip Mountrose, CHt, CSC: Awakenings Institute
Arroyo Grande, CA-Phone: (805)
Fax: (805) 489-2096-Web Site: www.
Phillip’s books, tapes, consultations and classes give you information for profound spiritual awakening healing. Co-Director of Holistic Hypnotherapy Schools in Sacramento/San Luis Obispo, CA.

Dr. Martie Myers, RN, PsyD., CHt. The Longevity Center
Mission Viejo, CA
Phone# 949-364-5900 e-mail
Combing the art of hypnotherapy with the science of anti-aging medicine and hormone replacement to achieve total mind and body wellness.

Gerry C. Neff, CH
Los Angeles/So Bay, CA-Phone: (310) 515-5940-E-mail:
Let Gerry boost your confidence and self-esteem. Learn to Pass Tests, Attract Money and get your life in order.

Margie Nelson
Burbank, CA – Phone: (818) 845-0330
Hypnosis for battered women and children.

Richard Neves, PhD
Riverside, CA- Phone: 951-781-8487 - E-mail:
Certified NLP Trainer, Personal Coach & Certified Spiritual Counselor with a rich Holistic Healthcare background. Combined multiple disciplines & modalities create magical Hypnotherapy approach.

E. Christine Oase
Desert Hot Springs, CA – Phone (760) 329-8994 – E-Mail:
Feel Good Now! Christine has masters training in TimeLine Therapy, Neurolinguistic Programming and Hypnosis.

Linda Okimoto: Redondo Beach, Phone:

Mary C. O'Maley, MS, CHt. CCDC: Cool Summer Breeze: Professional Alternative Therapies
Torrance, CA- Phone: (310) 594-2622 -E-mail:
Web Site:
Mary, the creator, instructor and facilitator of P.A.T. Processes, combines holistic health sciences, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique‰, and ACCESS Energy Clearing, for a new perspective.

Trina O'Quinn, MFT
Redondo Beach, CA – Phone: (310) 798-0712– E-Mail:
Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist and Professional Hypnotherapy will bring joy into your life. Empower yourself, improve relationships and eliminate addictions.

Roger Otis, CSH
Long Beach, CA-Phone: (562) 624-7164
Roger is a Stage Hypnotist, Comedian, Actor and a delightful storyteller. His wit charms.

David Owen, CHt, CWS
San Diego, CA-Phone: (619) 427-1766-E-mail:
Certified Weight Control Specialist. Expand your possibilities now! Motivate excellence. Excel in sports. Eliminate problems. Hypnotherapy, NLP, Dream Interpretation, Martial Arts Training & Chi Kung.

Liz Pagani Phone 504 467 1294 Los Angeles e-mail

Isn't it time you got on with your life? Call me and experience positive changes. Hypnosis works! Energy balancing available.

Ilona M. Paley
Playa Del Rey, Ca Phone # 310-422-7921
Ilona is a Mind Teacher and creator of tools for action to enhance your brilliant self.

Roger J. Palmieri, MD., CHt
Orange County, CA
Phone #: 714-478-9401
Empowerment + Wellness. Dr. Palmer brings 30 years as a medical Doctor and Psychiatrist now is a full time Holistic Hypnosis Practitioner

Elaine Perliss, CHt, NLP
San Fernando Valley, CA – Phone: (818) 516-3552 – E-Mail:
Private and group Hypnosis lets you create positive changes by maximizing your power within. Easily reach your goals. Hypnosis, NLP, Imagery, Handwriting Analysis and more.

Benjamin Plunk, CHt
Accelerated Behavior Change:
Corona, Riverside, Inland Empire: Phone #: 800 972 1998 e-mail:
We offer clients a MORE EFFECTIVE way to Stop Smoking in one hour Guaranteed!!!

James Pottenger: LACCRS
San Diego Headquarters, CA – Phone: (619) 468-3021 – E-Mail: - Web Site:
Create a healthier happier life! James uses his research and practice of Holographic Psychology: a Synthesis of Science, Religion, Psychology and Philosophy.

Suzy Prudden, CHt, IHF Board Member: Positive Changes of Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills, CA-Phone: (310) 657-6868-E-mail:
CEO of Unlimited Possibilities, Inc, Suzy specializes in helping you release weight, stop smoking, make peace with your body, empower yourself and love your life.

Dolores Reynolds , CHt
Orange County, CA – Phone: (949) 463-2264
Enjoy Hypnosis, Transpersonal Hypnosis, EFT, Stress Relief, Weight Loss, Sales coach, Past Life Regression, Positive Changes, Student Coaching.

Kisma Reidling, CHt
Newport Beach, CA – Phone: (949) 302-2754 – E-Mail: - Web Site:
Intuitive, Spiritual Counselor, Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Herbalist, Flower Essences, Author and Speaker, conducts annual sacred Pilgrimage to Ireland, works with Faery Guides.

Doreen P. Roberts, CH
South Bay, CA – Phones: (310) 644-8197 – (562) 209-4203 – E-Mail:
Hypnotist, Reiki-Master-Teacher, Aromatherapist (Raindrop Technique). Balance your energy. Connect to your guidance. Feel terrific.

Pauline M. Rogers, BA, MEd
North Orange County, CA – Phone: (562) 690-7614 – E-Mail:
Enjoy the EMF Balancing Technique“ that uniquely affects the human electromagnetic field. Lind is also a Reiki Master; Certified Spiritual Counselor and contributor to the book INDIGO CHILDREN.

Carole Ross
Los Angeles/South Bay/Newport Beach, CA – Phone: (310) 791-7773– E-Mail:
As a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, Carole is your jumper cable to energetic body balancing. She is also certified in Reiki and is a Spiritual Counselor.

Laura Rubinstein, CHt, IHF Fellow: LBR & Associates
San Diego, CA-Phone: (619) 293-3353-E-mail:
Toll Free: (877) 566-1904-Fax: 707-221-0382
Provides Coaching, Hypnosis and Consulting to high performance people & organizations to achieve breakthrough results. "We are committed to your success and fulfillment."

Tae SainteJohn, CHt, MICC
Bishop and Southern California, Phone# 232-423-3525, 323-244-1438, 760-872-7578 e-mail: website
Medical Diagnostic Intutive, and Certified Hypnotherapist with Chiropratic care for people, horses and small animals-Travels through southern california-Self Empowerment classes

Cindy Sawyer, CH: California Hypnosis Clinic
Los Angeles & South Bay, CA – Phone: 310-699-3783 – E-Mail: - Web Site:
Overcome fear, doubt and negativity. Feel good NOW! Mind, body, spirit. Hypnosis and angel work.

Noemi Scarlatta, PhD, DSW, MFT, LCSW Glendale Multicultural Center for Self-Esteem, Family Reconstruction & Psychodrama
Los Angeles County, CA – Phone (818) 242-6424 & (818) 550-9940
Love yourself, express your feelings openly, communicate in a healthy way, promote the peace within, peace between, peace along, peace beyond. Individuals, families, groups.

BrendaAnn Seay, CHt, IHF Fellow
Costa Mesa, CA-Phone: (714) 962-5344-E-mail:
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Weight, Stress & Pain Management Specialist, Medical Hypnotism, Success, Confidence, Memory, Concentration, Sports, Stage Performance, Smoking, Relationships, Self-Esteem, Habits, Fears.

Kathleen Shannon, CHt S. Oramge County e-mail: Phone # : 949-422-4092 Private and group sessons. studied with Sutphen. S. Orange County

Kathy Singh, RMT: Karma Centre
Irvine, CA – Phone: (949) 559-YOGA (9642) – E-Mail: - Web Site:
Kathy Singh is the founder of Karma Centre. A Reiki Teacher-Master as well as Hatha Yoga and Meditation Teacher.

William A. Stafford, PhD, IHF Fellow: New Dimensions Hypnosis Center
Los Angeles, CA and Tampa, FL – Toll Free Phone: 800-296 4424 – E-Mail: - Web Site:
I specialize in the areas of alcohol and drugs. I have developed a 3 and 5 day Rapid Recovery Program.

Ruta Sternbergs, Ed.D., Psy.D., C.CHt
San Clemente, CA
e-mail: Phone#: 949-276-7081
Transformations through Hypnotherapy. Post Traumatic Stress, Addictions, Empowerment, Military Support.

Kimberly Stevens, CHt
Malibu, Phone 310-990-2233 e-mail:
Former radio show host, specializing in entertainment industry needs, on-set/location travel, international clientele/travel, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Hypnosis, detox and disease, surgical.

Michael Stevenson, CHt
Transform Destiny Phone #:1-800-497-6614
Orange County, CA
Easily Lose Weight, Quit Smoking and Achieve your dreamswith this acclaimed Master Hypnotherapist, Coach and Author of the best selling book " Learn Hypnosis...NOW! "

Bryce Stockwell, CH: Stockwell Designs
Greater Los Angeles Area, CA – Phone: (310) 634-5355 – Web Site:
Graphic Design, Web Design, Hypnotherapy, Computer and Online Retailing.

Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas, PhD, Channel: Creativity Learning Institute & International Hypnosis Federation, IHF®
30819 Casilina, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275
L.A. and Orange Counties, CA-Phone: (310) 541-4844 -Email:
Fax: (310) 377-7946-Web Site:
Certifies Hypnotists, Past Life Hypnotherapists, Spiritual Counselors and Stage Hypnotists for over 23 years. Stage performer, Stockwell is the founder & spokesperson for the Int. Hypnosis Federation.

Joan Swanson, CCH
Orange County, CA – Phone: (714) 963-5503 – E-Mail:
ABH & IAACCH certified. Complete relaxation with powerful results in eliminating fears/phobias, bad habits, stress. Increase study habits, self esteem, motivation. Feel good about yourself.

Russell Sydney: Life Expressions
Santa Monica, CA – Phone: (310) 450-7919 – E-Mail: - WebSite:
Get your magic, your message and your gift captured on CD. Audio CD, CD ROMS and other E-Media is a phone call away.

Lauren Tawa, CHt, RM, CSC, MFA: Reiki Healing Tree, Los Angeles, CA ––
Phone (310) 980-5513. E-Mail: -my Website Address:
Wellspirit/ Wellbeing. Using Hypnosis and Reiki, experience the power to heal yourself, let positive energy flow, connect with your inner guidance and realize life goals.

Niccolous L Thompson, PhD, DCHt, IHF Board Member and IHF Fellow, Award Of Excellence Winner
Angel Award reciepient, IHF Certified Instructor: Los Angeles, Inland Empire, W Covina, Glendora CA – Phone: (909) 232-2258 – E-mail: dochypnophd@aol.comWebsite
Author of “Hypnotherapy for Children” and “Hypnotherapy for the Sexually Abused,” Hypnotherapy For Teens" Niccolous is an expert in child hypnotherapy and specializes in ADD/ADHD, Enuresis and Trichotillomania.
Courses offered: Child Specialist Certification, Teen Specialist Certification, Basic Hypnosis Certification
Any Questions feel free to contact me.
Richard Timm, CHt: feel Great Hypnosis Center
Inland Empire, CA - Phone - 909-941-0668– E-Mail:
Stop Smoking. Increase Sales. Lose Weight

Dona Tooley, CHt, CHI: Tooley Transformation Training
Greater Los Angeles area, (310) 832-0830 Website:
Learn Self-Hypnosis to control your blood pressure, weight, any illness, stress or behavior pattern. It worked for me and it will work for you!
Duncan Tooley, CHt, CHI: Tooley Transformation Training
Greater Los Angeles area, (310) 832-0830 Website:
Public & corporate classes in Self-Hypnosis for transformations in health & wellness, focus, goal achievement, wealth, sports, habit changes -- whatever you really want!

Jack Torrance: The Torrance Detective Agency
Los Angeles, Nation-Wide/International – Phone: (310) 548-7902
Forensic Hypnosis Services Tapped, Confidential and Private, Clarify Important Memories Today!
Professional Investigatorl California State Licenses Life Member: World Assn of Detectives

Kerry Tuschhoff, HCHI - Hypnobabies Network
Cypress, CA – (714) 898-2229 – E-Mail:
- Web Site:
Painless childbirth is possible! Use the incredible power of your own mind to enjoy your precious baby’s birth. Private, group classes and home study available.

Ann Josephine Ullrich, ThD, CH, OM
Los Angeles Area, CA – Phone: (818) 773-8826 – E-Mail:
Dr. Ullrich is an ordained minister with a degree in theology. She is also a well known psychic, spiritual healer and hypnotherapist in practice for over 25 years.

Sara Urguidez, CSC
San Fernando Valley, CA-Phone: (818) 766-0461-E-mail:
Hands on healer, Sara creates miracles on demand. A Shaman and Certified Spiritual Counselor, she blends Egyptian and Native American healing arts with modern wisdom.

Jared Van Sloten , MSC.D
Redondo Beach, CA Phone # 310-977-0195
Past Life Exploration. Who were you before you were you? Eliminate Fears & Phobias, and chronic problems and feel fantastic.

Marlene Elizabeth Vaughn
San Pedro, CA - Phone: (310) 832-2881 – E-Mail:
Put your life in order. Feel Great! Marlene offers you a rich criminal justice system background including deprogramming children of all ages and crisis intervention.

Adolfo Velazquez
Los Angeles, CA – Phone: 310-780-9654 – E-Mail:
With the right tools you can discover the center of your being. Overcome destructive behavior and control your own destiny. Help in English and Spanish. Descubre el centro de tu energia, asi lograras descubrir la semilla de tus comportamientos y adicciones, tomando asi control de tu destino, vida y salud.

Tinaz Vevaina, MA, MFT, CH
Newport Beach, Orange County, CA – Phone: (949) 466-5176 – E-Mail:
Tinaz Vevaina has 21 years serving: Individuals, couples, families! Heal core issues to realize your potential, lose weight, turn conflict into harmony and be happy.

Elaine Vinton, CMH

San Fernando Valley, CA Phone# 661-406-7702 e-mail

Ethical and Confidential Hypnosis for all ages. Smoking Cessation, Weight Management, Anxiety, Stress, Children & Teen Issues, Test Anxiety, Comfortable Birthing, Grief and Life Transition.

Jason Vogel, MA, CHt, CSH: Works of Heart
Beverly Hills, CA-Phone: (310)  – Web Site: and
Renown author, business consultant, life coach and Hypnotherapist, Jason helps people overcome procrastination and develop positive habits for success. He’s a captivating speaker and stage hypnotist.

Bunny Vreeland, PhD, CHt. Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist: Image Resource Center
Ventura County, CA-Phone: (805) web site:
A long time resident of Ventura County, Bunny is an award winning Image Consultant and Certified Hypnotherapist. Weight management is her specialty.

A.L. Ward, CHt, IHF Fellow: AWard Hypnosis Service
San Bernardino, CA, Phone (909) 880-1980, E-mail: Web Site:
Your mind not only contains the knowledge of life and the purpose for its existence and conduct, it contains the answers for its own improvement.

John D. Warhank, CHt
Southern, CA-Phone: (310) 517-9262-E-Mail:
Professional Stage Hypnosis. Themes are tailored to your program. Delightfully entertaining, educational & fun!

John Wheatley, CCH, CSC: Positive Life Changes
Huntington Beach, CA, Phone: (714) 658-5960-E-mail:
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Practitioner. Member of Toastmasters International & the Literacy Volunteers of America.

Daniel Wheeler, RHCHt: Horizon Productions
Southern, CA – Phone: (310) 325-0811 – E-Mail:
We all live under the same sky but we do not all have the same horizon. Horizon Publications, Hypnotherapy, Audio Services. Private, group, workshops & seminars.

Lynn Whitmire, CHt, CTHA
San Diego, CA – Phone: 858-270-5756 – E-Mail:
Web Site:
Imagine your life the way you want it to be. Healing guided imagery, smoking cessation, weight management, pain management, what can you imagine?

Mark E. Wilkins, ACHt
Antelope Valley, CA-Phone: (800) 375-7789
Advanced Certified Hypnotherapist, Mark specializes in Painless Child Birthing. Have a wonderful expectancy, eliminate drugs, pain and discomfort and have a trauma free birth.

Sally Wright, RN, CH: Wright-On Enterprises
South Bay, CA-Phone: (310) 540-0406 – E-Mail:
Using tools of Hypnosis, Healing Touch and Toning, you will awaken your heart, touch your joy and safely make changes for a new you.

Susan Zottneck, CH: Hypnosis Clinic of Upland
Inland Empire/Upland, CA – Phone: 909-912-0110 – E-Mail:
Feel Good Now! Pain Management, Transitions, HypnoAnesthesia.

Colorado, USA
James A. Bates, CHt, DHt, DD: American Academy of Hypnotherapy Inc
Denver, CO – Phone: (720) 344-7236 – E-Mail: Web Site: under construction
Specialize in Regression, Spirit Releasement and Abduction Phenomena/ Complimentary Medicine, IBS, Stress Related Problems, Self-Improvement, Public Speaking, Habits and other general Hypnotherapy available.

Adam Gainsburg
Charlotlesville,VA & Bolder, CO Phone# 323-761-6449
Adam Gainsburg is a Teacher, Author and Healer providing his clients and students with extrodinary guidance for their soul's evolutionary journey.

Zoilita Grant, MS, CCHt Certified Hypntic-Coach
Denver area phone# 303-776-6103 e-mail:
I use hypnosis and life coaching to empower you to acheive your goals. I help you find your excellence and discover the brilliance that you already have!

Sally Joslyn, PhD, CHt: Innerquest
Grand Junction, CO – Phone: (970) 250-3925 – E-Mail:
Doctorate in Metaphysical Counseling, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy, Medical & Dental Hypnosis, Stress Reduction, Body Image, Smoking, Sleep Improvement, Sports Performance and Spiritual Empowerment.

Brett Knight
Mind Body Connection
Grand Junction, Colorado 
970.417.7515 e-mail: 
 Clinical Hypnotherapist with Special interest in Academic abilities and Test taking skills. Behavioral modification to promote a positive and prosperous outlook on life. 

Linda Bestland Knight
Mind Body Connection
Grand Junction, Colorado
970.765.5664 e-mail:
Uniting mind and body. Specializing in Neuro-muscular body work and myofascial release. 16 years experience of restoring the body to optimum health.

Greg Meyerhoff, CCHt, NLP, IHF Fellow: Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute, Inc.
(Board Recognized)
Golden, CO – Phones: 800-375-9425 – E-Mail: - Web site: www.
Intuitive Business Consulting; Life Coaching; Intuition, Communication, Relationship Training; Feng Shui & Energy Balancing for Home & Business; Sessions in Denver and by phone worldwide.

Jeanne Robertson, CH, CD, RMT: Mind Works Hypnotherapy
Ouray & Montrose Counties, CO - Phone: (970) 626 4165 -E-mail:
Web Site:
I specialize in acute and chronic pain management. A Hypno-Birthing Practitioner, Doula, and Reiki Master/Teacher, I can combine Hypnotherapy, Massage and Reiki during one session.

Anne Salisbury, PhD, MA, MBA, CCHt, IHF Fellow: Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute, Inc. (Board Recognized)
Golden, CO – Phones:800-366-9417 – E-Mail: - Web site:
Pioneered system of Transpersonal Hypnotherapy. Founded Institute in 1990 which offers distance education training. Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Medical Hypnotherapist, Intuitive (clairvoyant), Pet Psychic. Phone sessions worldwide.

Harriet Storrs, Master NLP, CHt, IHF Fellow: Weight Mastery Clinic
Lakewood, CO – phone: (303) 526-0489 (303-Mastery) – E-Mail: - WebSite:
Weight Loss Clinic: Addictions, Eating Disorders, Behavior Modification. Over 20 years weight loss experience with over 100lbs personal weight loss.

Connecticut, USA
Bonnie Maskery, MS, CHt, IHF Fellow
Hartford, CT – Phone: (860) 584-2816 – E-Mail:
Alternative & Complimentary Holistic Wellness Practitioner. NIKKEN Independent Wellness Consultant. Usui Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher. Certified Hypnosis, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Instructor.

DC/Virginia Area, USA
Spencer Humm, BFA, DCHt: Evolve Communications
DC/Virginia – Phone: (703) 626-8572 – E-Mail: - Web Site:
Spencer is a Certified Trainer of NLP, Master Hypnotist, and member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy. Business Communications Consultant and Comedy Entertainer.

Florida, USA
Carol S. Anderssen, RM, CSC, LMT
Ft Myers, FL-Phone: (239) 267-3354-E-mail:
Crystal Healing and Aromatherapy in her Reiki Practice intensifies healings with amazing results. Carol is also a Certified Spiritual Counselor and Licensed Massage Therapist.

Charles K. Bens, PhD
Sarasota, FL/North America – Phone: 888 737 9617 – E-Mail: - Web Site:
Author and educator concentrating on workplace wellness programs and smoking cessation. Partners with other health practitioners in highly effective and profitable joint nutritional protocols.

Stephanie Carapazza: Healthy Lifestyle Hypnosis
Clearwater (Tampa Bay), FL – Phone (877) 210-7349 – E-Mail:
A specialized Hypnotherapist focusing on Smoking Cessation. She attributes her continued success to the best techniques in hypnotherapy and diverse educational background.
Miguel Carrasco: Smoking Cessation Institute
Miami, Dade & Broward Counties, FL – Phone: 305-500-9221 – E-Mail:
Struggling to quit smoking? We can help you do so, stress-free, in just one hour. “You have nothing to lose but your smoking habit.”

Miguel Carrasco: Smoking Cessation Institute
Miami-Dade & Broward, FL – T: 305-500-9221 – E-Mail:
Struggling to quit smoking? We can help you do so, stress-free, in just one hour. “You have nothing to lose but your smoking habit”
Also, Weight Loss and Stress Management.

Dan Cleary, CI, IHF Fellow
No Palm Beach, FL, Phone: (561) 863-1334, E-mail:
Dan is an outstanding presenter, educator and hypnosis practitioner who has distinguished himself in the fields of Personal Transformation.

Robert Decker, CCHt
Coconut cCreek Florida
Phone # 954-993-7580 e.mail :
I specialize in Past Life Regressions, Spirit Contact, and Soul Retrival. I have over 20 years experience in the metaphysical arts.

Dr. Mary Rellahan Groshell,
Jacksonville FL. Phone # 904-235-8032 or 866-770-6321 ,e-mail:
Has participated in the teaching and healing arts for her entire adult life. During practicing Podiatry, she found that alternative therapies are extremely powerful and uses hypnosis as an effective tool in smoking secession. Results are guaranteed

Suzanne Haik Hynes, MBA; BA; CHt. ...
Wellington, FL Phone# 561/329-0160 e-mail:
A deeply caring and intuitive Hypnotist and Life Coach in Florida. It is said that " Suzanne has a way of seeing people through the Divine: the perfect creation in everyone". Her wide experiences in Business add depth and balance to her work as a Hypnotist.

Okka Holthuis: Rainbow Healing Center
N Palm Beach, FL – Phone: (561) 844-1679 – E-mail:
Web Site:
Okka uses her skills as a Spiritual Counselor, LuxMani-Instructor, Hypnotherapist and Health Practitioner to Holistically support the healing of Body, Mind and Spirit.

Wil Horton, PsyD: NFNLP
Englewood, FL – Phone: (941) 697-9104 – E-Mail: - WebSite:
Licensed Psychologist, International Trainer, Published Author specializing in Hypno-Addictionology, Hypnotherapy, Sports Performance, Stage Hypnosis & more.

Jillian LaVelle, CSMC, CHt, IHF Advisory Board Member & IHF Fellow
Palm Harbor, FL-Phone: (239) 498-9710-E-mail:
-Web Site:
Author and teacher in private practice

Sandra Luse, CH, RN
Manatee County, FL – Phone: (941) 753-9213 – E-Mail:
Hypnosis, Reiki and Regression specialties. Lose Weight, Quit smoking, succeed and feel great!

Christine Rossiter, MCHE, MSHN: Serco-MC
Marion County, FL – Phone: (352) 622-0026 – E-Mail: - Web Site:
BSEd, Educating others. MS in Holistic Nutrition, Craniosacral Therapist, Certified Soul Therapist, Master certified Hypnotherapist, with a passion for current and past life regressions

Dr. Steven Roth, DMD
Miami, Phone #: 239-292-5884 e-mail:
Relax and Smile Dentistry. Holistic Painless Dentistry using Hypnosis. Be Calm and Happy while getting a healthy mouth.

Maya Sarkisyan, CHt, NLP and EFT Practitioner
Boynton Beach, FL– Phone: (800) 590-6292 – E-Mail: - WebSite:
Private Life Coach, Smoking Sessation Specialist. "Release Fat Naturally" program. Flight anxiety. Food addictions. Release fears, stress, anger, guilt and anxiety quickly and easily.

William A. Stafford, PhD, IHF Fellow: New Dimensions Hypnosis Center
Tampa, FL and Los Angeles, CA – Toll Free Phone: 800-296 4424 – E-Mail: - Web Site:
I specialize in the areas of alcohol and drugs. I have developed a 3 and 5 day Rapid Recovery Program.

Candy Strafford: Orchid Moon
Naples, FL – Phone: (239) 352-7219 – E-Mail:
Past Life specialist, She owns and operates the new age center “Orchid Moon” in Naples Florida.

Lynn D. Thomas, RN, CHt: Concerned Health Alternatives, Inc
Naples, Ft Myers, Bonita Springs, FL – Phone: (239) 597-1328 or (239) 597-7582 – E-Mail: - Web site:
Release weight, fears, phobias, stress, anger, guilt and anxiety. Also, balance your energy and heal through regression, past life and between life regression. Smoking Cessation.

Tamara M. Thomas, LMT, CSC: A Healing Touch Therapist & Message, Inc
Bonita Springs/Ft Myers, FL -Phone: (941) 498-9885-E-mail:
Fax: (941) 498-4452
A Healing Touch Therapist & Message. Tamara promotes healing through balancing Body, Mind and Spirit. She is a Hypnotist, a Certified Spiritual Counselor and an Ordained Minister.

Kathy Veon, Dom, CH. AP,
Central Florida Preventive Medicine Phone #: 407-488-2141
Smoking Cessation Specialist

Georgia, USA

Mindy Sue Ash, CH Atlanta Stop Smoking Clinic
Atlanta, GA  e-mail:
toll-free phone # 800-858-9590 
Stop smoking in one hour- 95% success rate with advanced Hypnosis techniques and the new science of Neuro Linguistic Programing.

Keith Dykes, CCHT: Complete Change Solutions
Roswell, GA 30075 – Phone: 678-860-1348 – E-Mail: - Web site:
Spiritual Hypnotherapy Specialist, IBH Specialist, TimeLine Therapy ‰ NLP, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Karuwa Ki Master, Motivational Speaker. Founder and CEO of Complete Change Solutions.
Metro Atlanta's most affordableHypnosis Training. A quick and simple approach to learning. Over 5 years experience. Start a new career today!

Laura Halls, CHt, CSC
Atlanta/Marietta, GA-Phone: (770) 565-6015-E-mail:
Laura facilitates journeys into the inner self to learn, heal and find direction. Working intuitively with clients, she moves from root causes to individual empowerment,

Cedric Bills, CH:  Health Empowerment Center, LLC
Atlanta, GA 30326 – Phone:  (800) 858-9590 – Email: – Website:
Smoking Cessation Specialist, Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, Master Fitness Trainer, Inspirational Speaker
Stop Smoking in one Hour…Guaranteed!  95% success rate with advanced hypnosis techniques and the new science of Nuero Linquistic Programming.t.

Hawaii, USA

Shannon Dominguez, DCHt
Maui HI – Pnone: (808) 878-1528 – E-Mail: - Web Site:
Specializing in Medical Hypnotherapy.

Idaho, USA
Gina Yagues
Idaho Falls, ID – Phone: (208) 528-8005 – E-Mail:
Gina is a Certified Hyhpnotist focusing on relaxation, stress, phobias, habit, addiction and depression reduction. Natural Preventative Health and Healing including Hypnosis, Herbs and Homeopathy.

Iowa, USA
Amy Keast, CHt: Smoking Cessation Specialist
Harlan, IA – Phone: (712)755-7752 – E-Mail:
Amy Keast is a Certified Hypnotherapist, a specialist in Smoking Cessation. She is so convinced that her methods are effective that she offers a lifetime guarantee.

Nea A. Williams
Quad Cities, IA – Phone: (309) 596-2046 – E-Mail:
Psychic Counseling and Hypnosis. Well trained in Psychometry, I can help you find your way on your path using all 6 senses.

Illinois, USA
Don Benitone, CHI Southern, IL-Phone: (618) 942-3712-E-mail: Well-Respected Hypnosis Technician, Consultant and Instructor since 1958. Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Improve Self Confidence, Study Habits, Phobias and enjoy life.

Sylvia Bivens, CHt, IHF Fellow
Rock Island, IL-Phone: (309) 788-2495-E-mail:
Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner & Past Life Therapist, Sylvia’s private sessions & workshops facilitate transformation. Manage Stress, create Self-Confidence & a desirable, productive life of wellness.

Carl DeVard, CHt: Hypnosis On Wheels
Marion, IL –Deceased 4/09

Bobbi Liebmann ,RN, CHt
Cook County, Chicago area Phone # 847-534-7991
Isn't it time you felt great? Hypnosis sooths, renews and refreshes. Quit Smoking. Relieve IBS. IN-Joy Yourself. Hypnotherapist And RN with a Masters Degree.

Raymond Misantoni, CHt: Rest Assured LLC
Chicagoland Area, IL – Phone: (708) 601-6000
Rest Assured helps individuals become smoke-free in 1 hour. Let us make it easy for you. Call Today (708) 601-6000

Tina Misantoni, CHt: Rest Assured LLC
Chicagoland Area, IL – Phone: (708) 601-6000
Rest Assured helps individuals become smoke-free in 1 hour. Let us make it easy for you. Call Today (708) 601-6000

Mark E. Shelton, CHt: M. Edward Shelton Hypnotherapy, Inc.
Chicago IL – Phone: (708) 207-2900
Smoking Cessation Specialist. Quit Smoking in One Hour. Lifetime Guarantee. Ask about my free $250.00 gift.

Indiana, USA
Sandra Kuiper
Indianapolis, IN – Phone: (317) 876-1505 – E-Mail:

Kansas, USA
Jennifer L. Bishop, CHt: TrueAim Hypnotherapy
Kansas City (Metro), KS – Phone: (913) 383-2426 or (866) 333-4141 – E-Mail:
Jennifer is a Certified Master Hypnotherapist with extensive training and considerable expertise in the field of Smoking Cessation.

Kentucky, USA
Donald B. King: Master Hypnotics
Richmond, Berea, Lexington, KY – Phone: 888-958-7988 – E-Mail:
Certified Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Office is located at Pattie A. Clay Hospital-Medical building 2-B, Richmond, KY

Louisiana, USA
Conrad Adams, DNM, PhD
Alpha Motivation Institute
Dean, Alpha University
Degrees in Hypnotherapy
Continuing Professional Education
Uncover the real you! 30+ years experience, Conrad conducts professional Hypnotherapy & Past-Life Regression workshops. He teaches Learning & Memory Enhancement at Louisiana State University.

Mark Babineaux, JD, CHt
South Louisiana – Phone: (337) 233-7766 – E-Mail:
Athletic Performance Enhancement, Stress Management, Forensic Hypnosis from a practicing attorney and Family Law Mediator for Juvenile Court and Collaborative Divorce.

Jenifer DeBosier-Adams, PhD, CCHt, DNM; Cellular Cleansing Associate; Registrar of Alpha University
Baton Rouge, LA – Phone: (225) 924-0604 – E-Mail:
Trance Channeler, Angel Healing Consultant, Reiki/Seichim Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Paul G. Durbin, Chaplain, PhD, CHt, IHF Fellow
New Orleans, LA – Web Site:
Retired as of June 30, 2005

Kevin Gaspard
New Orleans
Phone # 225 767 7146 e-mail: web:
Kevin, a staff member at the Gestalt Institute of New Orleans, is certified in Hypnotherapy, NLP, Reiki, and Light Language and has been a coach and counselor since 1994.

Anita Hagood-Capron, CHt, LCSW, MEd
Hammond, LA – Phone: (985) 345-3896 – E-Mail:
Psychotherapist/Hypnotherapist and who works with depression, anxiety, relationship and self-esteem issues including Weight management. Licensed, Clinical Social Worker.

Carol Bonnie Poirier, MS, CHt, RMT, IHF Fellow: The Holistic Therapy Center
Covington, LA – Phone: (985) 373-2321 – E-Mail: WebSite:
Hypnotherapy Certification Training. Reiki Attunements. Certifications in Aromatherapy, Meditation and Color Therapy for Reiki. Advanced training in Anger Management, Self-Hypnosis, Breathwork and Journal Therapy.

Bob Scivicque, CHt: HealingHearts2.Com
Baton Rouge & Denham Springs, LA – Phone: (225) 324-9759 – E-Mail:
Certified “Destination® Method Coach,” Hypnotist, MBA candidate, Hypnosis Script Writer, Safety & Business Consultant. Available for Speaking Engagements.

Maryland/ Washington DC USA
Douglas G. Kinney, CH
1225 Crockett Lane
Silver Spring, MD 20904
Phone: 301-236-9040
E-mail: BlogSite:
AREA Doing Business: Maryland suburbs of Washington D.C.
Past life regression and soul contact hypnosis. Hypnotherapy for life improvement with coaching and spiritual counseling-New Thought minister. Workshops on reincarnation and the soul.

Mickey Parel, CHt, CNM: Smoke Free DC
Washington DC/Suburban, MD – Phone: (877) 766-2447 – E-Mail:
I specialize in smoking cessation utilizing the “Stop Smoking in One Hour” system. I also teach HypnoBirthing Childbirth classes in the DC area.

Lynn Spiegel
U Can Quit
Rockville MD 20852
Ph: 1-888-205-2221 website: e-mail
I have over 19 years of broad and diverse experience as a Physical Therapist. My outpatient practice gave me the exposure to wellness and alternative therapies, and lead me to study hypnosis. I became certified as a Smoking Cessation Specialist. I have gone on to continue to study and use Hypnosis for stress management, confidence building and other personal growth issues.

Massachusetts, USA
Cara Gallucci, M.A., C.Ht.: OMNI Optimal Hypnosis
Phone 781-724-2982, Serving Greater Boston
Cara Gallucci's services can help you stop smoking,
lose weight, relieve stress and pain, and enhance
performance. Service guarantee. Call now for your

Adeline (Addie) Kania, CHt, IHF Fellow, The Alternative Weigh Holistic Hypnosis
Haverhill, MA-Phone: (978) 374-9572-E-mail: - Web Site:
Relaxation, Acupuncture and Hypnosis for Smoking Cessation and Holistic Weight Loss. Wellness Consultant at Whittier Rehab Hospital. Faculty member of Northern Essex Community College.

Susan Weiss, PsyD: Stop Smoking Now
Boston, MA – Phone(s): (866) 533-1709 – (617) 965-7034 – E-Mail:
Stop Smoking in one hour with a unique lifetime guarantee. Our hypnosis technique makes it so easy.

Michigan, USA
Joan Scully Ballantyne, CHt, RM: Wings of Healing, LLC
Novi, MI-Phone: (248) 344-2219  
Offers Metaphysical Hypnosis, Recovery, Body/Mind/Spirit Integration. A profound healer, Joan is also a Massage Therapist, Hospice Massage, Reiki Master /Teacher and is ordained by Melchizedek.

Cheryl A. Beshada, CMHt: Clinical Hypnosis Institute
Sterling Heights/Warren, MI- Phone: (586) 939-7676- E-mail:
Web Site:
Medical Hypnosis, Sports Performance, Smoking Cessation, Self Confidence, Accelerated Learning, Alleviate Fears & Phobias, Dental Hypnosis, Stress Management, Weight Loss, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy & Hypnotherapy Instruction.
Dr. Clarice Graham Carter, PhD, CHt
Farmington Hills, MI Phone # 248-376-4468 e-mail:
Educator, Author of Childrens motovational Books, Certified Hypnotherapist N.L.P. for Children. Founder of "Listen to the Children International Foundation."

Cheryl Croci, CHt, IHF Fellow: Enhancing Your Healer Within
Sterling Heights, MI, Phone: (586) 263-3199-E-mail: - Web Site:
Hypnotherapist, Educator, Speaker, Three In One Facilitator. Mind/Body/Spirit Healing,
Regression, Personal & Spiritual Development, Healing Touch, Reiki, Ascension & Metaphysics. Great sessions & classes!

Frank Garfield, CHt, IHF Fellow: Clinical Care Network
Sterling Heights/Warren, MI -Phone: (586) 939-7676-Email:
Garfield teaches advanced Hypnosis Specialty Workshops, Medical Hypnosis, Natural Childbirth, helping Cancer patients, Trauma and Pain Management, Body Re-Shaping, Hypnodontics & more.

Maureen (Mickey) Lovell, CHt: Echoes of the Mind
North MI-Phone: (231) 943-8540-E-mail:
Mickey focuses on Regression Therapy to access hidden memories that may be holding you back from experiencing Self-Love, Creativity, Joy, Health & Wholeness.

Sandra Plakke: Spirit Power
Muskegon/Grand Rapids, MI – Phone: (616) 738-7439 – E-Mail:
Sandra came to study hypnosis after retirement from school teaching. Her love of story telling adds life to the self-hypnosis arts she can teach you. Sandra Loves to Teach about the powers of self hypnosis and the benefits of stress relief & each session is customized for each client.

Debra Riedinger, MA, LLP: Behavioral Medicine Associates
Midland, MI – Phone: 989-843-9161 – E-Mail:
Hypnotherapy Specialist using the most effective processes available today to transform even the most ardent smoker into a healthy, non-smoker in just one hour.

Aniko Roth, CHt
Farmington Hills, MI-Phone: (248) 390-3566-E-mail:
Body works by Aniko includes: Hypnosis, Massage and Reiki. Co-Founder of the Body, Mind, Spirit Hypnotherapy Association.

Anne H. Spencer-Beacham, PhD, CHt
Detroit Metro Area, MI-Phone: (248) 549-5594 - Email: - Web Site:
Dr. Spencer-Beacham is Founder/Director of Infinite Institute International of Hypnotherapy – School of Hypnois and Founder/Executive Director of International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association™ - Referral Service (IMDHA).

Cynthia L. St. Louis
Royal Oak, MI – Phone: (248) 541-3348– E-Mail:
Web Site:
Self-Hypnosis classes, rapid release of phobias and physical/emotional blocks using NLP, Past Life & Time Line Regression – higher-self, inner-wisdom for a more joyful life.

Minnesota, USA
Nina Potter, CTC
Twin Cities Metro Area, MN – Phone: 888-978-9118 – E-Mail: - E-Mail:
I help people stop smoking in one hour with hypnosis and I back that up with a lifetime guarantee.

Missouri, USA
Betty Scott, MCHt: Prof Emeritus from University of Missouri
Columbia, MO – Phone: (573) 443-5642 – E-Mail:
Hypnosis, HUNA, EFT, Quantum Touch, Pranic Healing, Crystal Healing, NLP, Music For Healing, Shamanic Work, Spiritual Counseling

Montana, USA
Connie Kvilhaug Billings Hypnosis 406-839-9170

Diane Yankelevitz, CCHt, MPA
Belgrade, MT - Phone: (406) 586-2376 – E-Mail: - Web Site:
Hypnotherapy, Evolutionary Astrology and Family Soul Healing help you deal with challenges, remove blocks, discover talents, strengths and joy to reach your highest potential.

Nevada, USA
LA Blandford, CHt, LMT: Essential Touch
Henderson & Boulder City, NV-Phone: 702-277-3220-E-Mail:
Essential Touch where massage and hypnosis is from the heart. Holds and honors your space and time. Integrate Mind/Body. Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Hypnotherapist.

Bernice Cain, CMHt: B.A. Cain
Las Vegas, Henderson, NV – Phone: (702) 567-1651 – E-Mail:
Natural way for stress relief, pain management, worrisome situations, learning enhancement, good study habits, age regression, heal from the inside out; from within.

Gayle L. Charette, CH
4105 Woodgreen Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89108
Phone:  702-328-4275
Description:  Past Life Regression, Back To The Cause Regression, Metaphysical & Spiritual Counseling, and much more to help change your life.  Also available for group and private sessions.

Marie M. Chilton, CH, CRM, RMT
Las Vegas Nevada- Phone 702-785-8687- E-Mail: Website:
Stop Cravings! Lose Weight! Much More! Fast, Effective, Responsible, Quickly Access Underlying issues, Change your Life! Group Workshops Available. Please check Website for Complete Details.

John M. Costa, CHt, BMS, IHF Fellow
Las Vegas, NV- E-mail:
Retired Master Hypnotist. Pain Management Specialist available for special cases.

Bonnie Elder, MCHt
Las Vegas, NV – Phone (702) 647-7375
Having raised and cared for 7 children, Bonnie coaches adults and children to release ADD behaviors. Also weight, smoking, phobia using NLP Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Hypnosis.

Kenneth Elder, CH
Las Vegas, NV – Phone (702) 647-7375
I help people find out how they can stop gambling, stop smoking and stop snoring and feel terrific.

Rev. Cheryl J. Johnson, M.Msc., C.Ht.
Office: (702) 558-6889
8550 W. Charleston Blvd., #102-158, Las Vegas, NV 89117
Description: A Metaphysical Minister & Teacher with 15 years experience and extensive formal training, Cheryl J. Johnson holds a Masters in Metaphysical Sciences, is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Channel, Dream Interpreter, and Teaching Psychic in Las Vegas, NV.

Debbie Korte, CCHt: Debbie Korte For a Change in Time
Henderson, NV – Phone: (702) 567–1348 - E-Mail: Web Site:
Debbie is a certified Master Hypnotist and utilizes Hypnotherapy and TimeLine Therapy™ techniques as well as NLP for behavioral change and life enhancement.

Kenneth John Owens, CHt, Stage Hypnotist: Intuitive Wisdom
Las Vegas, NV - Phone: (702) 434-4626-E-mail: ken@kenowens.uc
Web Site:
Counseling, Training, Development, and AURA Photography geared for corporations/ non-profit agencies. Specializing in Motivation & Stress Management programs that are designed for your specific needs.

Jacquline Whitfield
East/West Hypno Counseling Jacquline Whitfield & Associates
Area:L Henderson, NV & New Jersey Phone # 702-253-7931
Private/ Institutional. mental health Social Services Professional since 1990. Stress, Fear, Pain management, Imagery, Family Reconstruction, Surgery Prep/Recovery. Behavior modification. Youth to Elder.

New Hampshire, USA
Matthew Connarton, CHt: Weeden Health Clinic
Concord, NH – Phone: (603) 228-2339 – E-Mail:
Clinical Hypnotist/Hypnotherapist specializing in Stopping Smoking, Weight Loss, Stress Reduction, Hypno-Birthing, Phobias, Regression, etc. Private sessions, workshops, stage shows, speaking engagements, home visits, corporate programs.

New Jersey, USA
Eunice R. Audette Sewell, NJ Spectrum Hypnotherapy Associates LLC Southern New Jersey
Office 856-256-7960; Fax 856-256-7961 e-mail: We cover a wide array of therapies including but not limited to: Smoking Cessation, Weight/Pain Management, Insomnia, Anxiety, Phobias, Memory and Study Skills Enhancement.

Roy H. Audette Sewell, NJ Spectrum Hypnotherapy Associates LLC Southern New Jersey
Office 856-256-7960; Fax 856-256-7961 e-mail: We cover a wide array of therapies including but not limited to: Smoking Cessation, Weight/Pain Management, Insomnia, Anxiety, Phobias, Memory and Study Skills Enhancement

Lindsey Sass Aurand, LMT, CHt: Holistic Healing Center
New York, New Jersey, CT, NY, Phone: (845) 425-5233, E-mail:, Web Site:
Co-founder and Co-director of the Holistic Healing Center that specializes in Women’s Issues, Hypnotherapy for Childbirth and Infant Massage Instructors Training.

Dr Liselle Badache MD, LCADC, CMh
New Jersey
Telephone: 732-985-0542 email:
Teaches & Practices Alternative, Spiritual & Energy Healing, Treats Addictions and helps Change Life & Find True Self

Jaime Feldman, DCH, IHF Board Member & Fellow – Director: The Institute of Hypnotherapy
Manalapan, NJ - Phone: (732) 446-5995 -E-mail:
Pioneer of Parts Therapy Hypnotherapy, NLP & Reiki. Unlock the subconscious; remove trauma, fear, unwanted behavior, & tremors and twitches associated with Parkinson’s.

Dolores M. Filandro, JD
Millington, NJ – Phone: (908)-647-4021 – E-Mail:
Specializing in stress; anxiety, smoking, weight loss; pain management; fears; phobias; self-confidence; general hypnosis.

Sharon L Gage, ACH, CHt: Create Change Hypnosis
Vineland & surrounding area, Southern NJ – Phone: (856) 692-4579 – Web Site:
Stop Smoking, Stress reduction, Sports, and more.

Gail Monaloy MA, CCC-SLP, CHt
Passaic, NJ -Phone: (973) 777-8604/ (973) 773-7626
Hypnotist, Licensed Speech/Language Pathologist, Specialist in Head Trauma/Stroke and Fibromyalgia, Quit Smoking, Lose Weight, Relax, Eliminate Fear/Pain, Increase Memory, win at sports, Enhance your voice.

Douglas P. Morrison, CHt
Morris County, NJ – Phone: 973-543-5628 – E-Mail:
Offering Hypnotherapy for the treatment of Smoking Cessation, Weight Reduction, Stress Management, Pain Management, Phobias, Self Confidence and Time Management.

Belleville, NJ Phone: 973 759 2241
A physician, Dr Singhal practices complementary medicine including Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Natural medicine, and Hypnosis. You'll be positively amazed at the benefits and  therapeutic implications of hypnosis in multiple conditions especially stop smoking, weight loss, pain control, removal of the fears without the side effects of the drugs..

Natalie Nardiello, HCHI
Little Falls, NJ – Phone: 973-256-2292 – E-Mail:
Natural Childbirth. Educator. HypnoBabies Instruction. Everything for the birthing mother.

Daniel Rose CHT CMH
Advanced Care Hypnosis
Montville NJ and NYC NY
800 223 6060 973 402 6882
Hypnotherapy for various issues. Smoking Weight Loss Habits compulsions obsessions depression and more. Author of "The Hypnotic Coach".

Susan Rossi, BA, CRM, CH Haddonfield, NJ Phone 856-216-1859 email: Past Life Therapy and soul retrieval, weight loss, anxiety cessation, performance enhancement, memory and study skills, life purpose, overcome shyness and build confidence.

Marianne Sturman, PhD
New York City, NY, Morristown Area, NJ – Phone: (201)836-6341 – E-Mail:
Licensed Clinical Psychologist in New York area; experienced in long-term and short-term psychotherapy and hypnosis; trauma recovery; smoking cessation; work with children, adults and groups.

Gale Glassner Twersky, A.C., Ct. H.A.
Glassner Assoc Hypnosis for Personal Growth and Wellness
Montclair, CA Phone: 973-509-1700 e-mail:
Web site:
Caring help for all mind/ Body/ Spirit concerns, Gale is a "Top Selling" Nightingale-Conant author of " Reprogram Your subconscious."

Jacquline Whitfield
East/West Hypno Counseling Jacquline Whitfield & Associates
Area:L Henderson, NV & New Jersey Phone # 702-253-7931
Private/ Institutional. mental health Social Services Professional since 1990. Stress, Fear, Pain management, Imagery, Family Reconstruction, Surgery Prep/Recovery. Behavior modification. Youth to Elder.

Connie Wilson, BA, CGT, CHt
Clinton, NJ phone: 908-963-5746
Ba in Psychology; Certified Gestalt Therapist; Certificate Program in Group Work-Rutgers School of Social Work-Group Psychotherapy and Psycho-Education; Group/Class Facilatator; Emphasis on Spirituality, Forgivness Work and Healing (Cancer Survivor/Thriver).

New Mexico, USA
Marvin L. Allen, CHt, LADAC, Master NLP: Phoenix Transformational Services
Las Cruces, NM – Phone: (505) 640-2932, (505) 524-4588 – E-Mail: - Web Site:
Specializing in Smoking Cessation, Substance Abuse, Weight Loss, Pain Control, Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, Mood Swings, Holistic Counseling, Relationships/Communication Issues, Values, Self-Esteem, Spirituality, Seminars & Workshops.

L'Aura Bodmer, CHt Hawaiin Healing
Albuquerque, N.M. e-mail Phone #: 505-573-4000 L'Aura @ Hawaiin Healing. Hypnotherapy and Powerful Hawaiin Techniques to enhance your life.

Beverly Jaeger CHt,
Business Name: Beverly Jaeger Hypnotherapy
Business Phone: 505 - 466 - 4953
Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico
STOP SMOKING IN ONE HOUR, Guaranteed. She also offers LIFE BETWEEN LIVES Regression: A personal spiritual journey, where you may learn what your soul did, between lives on earth.

Magdelena M. Bustillos, CHt
Arco Iris Hypnosis Albuquerque
Phone# 505-217-2489 or 505-304-5336
I am a Spanish speaker Hypnotherapist and Intuitive Healer. I help people Stop Smoking, Reduce Weight, Modify Childhood Behaviors, Release Fears, and Stress Reduction.
Espanol and English.

Reev Pierce, CCHt
Sound Solutions Hypnosis
Albuquerque, NM
Phone: 505-804-6552
Registered Member #: 11381

Working with a variety of self-improvement issues, as well as Financial Abundance, and letting go of hurtful programming. Powerful, Dynamic CDs are Available!!

Lois Prinz, CH, CI: Center For Hypnosis
Albuquerque, Santa Fe, NM – Phones: 505 292 2237 & 505 797 8046 – E-Mail: - Web Site:
Twenty plus years specializing in chronic pain relief, smoking cessation and weight loss.

Kolene Reynolds, CHt, RM: Mind, Body & Soul Hypnotherapy
Gallup, NM, Phone: (505) 722-3721
Human & Pet Counseling. Master Hypnotherapist and Stage Hypnotist. Wholistic personally tailored approach using Hypnosis, Color, Reiki and Tapping.

New York, USA
Dr Norma Lent Auerbach, PhD, DCH
New Rochelle, NY
Dr Auerbach has had extensive experience conducting private and group sessions on past lives and the Akashic Record. For Appointments contact her at 914-260-6313

Paul Aurand, CCHt & Lindsey Sass-Aurand, LMT, CHt: Holistic Healing Center
New York, New Jersey - Phone: (845) 425-5233-E-mail:
Web Site:
Paul Aurand is the founder of the Holistic Healing Center. He is a registered Medical Hypnotherapist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and skilled Counselor and Healer.

Roberta Alessandra, CHt
New York area
Phone #: 212-732-5483 e-mail: website:
Heal the source of imbalances and dis-ease with Roberta's powerful energy work and Hypnosis. Feel Terrific NOW!

Joshua Bloom, CHt: Institue for Quantum Energy Transformation IHF Recognized School:
New York 241 W. 30th Street 2nd Floor buz# 102
e-mail: website: phone#: 917-658-9758

Peter Blum, RHt, CI, MSC
Woodstock, NY -Phone: (845) 247-8839 -Email:
Sonic Trance. Master Sound Therapist. Peter's 4 CD set “Sounds for Healing” is used for hospitals, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage. Combines Hypnosis, NLP, Healing Sound, Shamanism.

Luisa Bruzga, DCHc: Mind Body Dynamics
Buffalo, NY – Phone: (716) 677-4679 – E-Mail:
Luisa’s hypnotherapy practice specializes in Smoking Cessation, weight loss programs and emotional healing. She is also a certified Iridologist, Herbalist and Reiki Master Teacher.

Lawrence Galante, PhD, RSHom, CHt, RPP, IHF Fellow: Center for Holistic Arts
New York, NY- Phone: (212) 414-1266-E-mail:
Web Site:
Over 30 years experience as a Registered Hypnotherapist, Chi Kung Instructor, Registered Polarity Practitioner, University Professor and Director of the Center for Holistic Arts.

Anat Greenberg, CHt
Lynbrook, NY Phone: 516-238-5178
20 years experience in Hypnosis and Spiritual Counseling. Past Life Regression, Intutive, Hypnotherapy, Master trainer, Yoga, &Energy Balancing.

Dorothy Nolan, MCH, LBLT
New York (all boros), NY – Phone: (718) 439-7909 – E-Mail:
I am a liberating force offering expansiveness and a true connection to your beautiful spirit thru my Spiritual Hypnosis work.

Laura Olsen, MS, CDN, RD.
Director, Nutrition Wellness Brooklyn, NY 11229
718-769-8820 e-mail:
Credentials:MS: Masters in Science, Clinical Nutrition, CDN: New York State Certified Dietitian/Nutritionis, CH: Certified Hypnotist, RD: Registered Dietitian
Hypnosis Works with Laura Olsen, call 718-642-4688 for weight-loss, stress and diabetes management, etc., 2726 Gerritsen Avenue (5 1/2 blocks south of Avenue W.), Brooklyn, NY.

Joseph I. Peters, CSW, CHt: Finger Lakes Hypnosis Center
Upstate, NY/Wayne, Ontario/Yates Counties – Phone: (315) 331-5659
Hypnosis provides for successful changes; increased integrity; increased health physically, mentally and spiritually; increased happiness. You can CHANGE NOW. Mental health/Drug/Alcohol Evaluations.

Mary B. Peterson
Rochester, NY – Phone: 585-544-7393 – E-Mail:
Childbirth education classes promoting no pain for moms through the use of self-guided hypnosis.

Zalman Segal, Bch, CI: Breakthrough Institute
New York, NY – Phone: (212) 529-1028 – E-Mail:
Certified Instructor, Zalman Segal teaches a certification course in Hypnotherapy at Hunter College in New York City.

Maureen. Stock, CHt, CSC, RM
Glendale, NY Phone: (718) 846-1416 (24 hr vm)
Hypnosis, Reiki, and Spiritual Counseling for well being.

Walter A. Stock, CHt, CSC, IHF Fellow
Glendale, NY-Phone: (718) 846-1416 (24 hour voice mail)
Spiritual Counseling, employing Shamanic techniques, Walter provides intensive workshops in Celtic Languages and Spirituality.

Marianne Sturman, PhD
New York City, NY, Morristown Area, NJ – Phone: (201)836-6341 – E-Mail:
Licensed Clinical Psychologist in New York area; experienced in long-term and short-term psychotherapy and hypnosis; trauma recovery; smoking cessation; work with children, adults and groups.

George A. Wissing
New York Tri State, NY - Phone: (914) 937-5460 – W-Mail:
Stop Smoking in one hour with a unique lifetime guarantee. By appointment in Westchester and Rockland Counties.

North Carolina, USA
Elizabeth Bickel Triangle, NC
UBU: Breathe Easy Phone # 1-877-827-6731
Betsy Bickel has been an effective and respected health professional for over twenty years. She specializes in Smoking Cessation using a guaranteed one hour technique.

Dr. Amir Ben-Solomon, CHt Solomon Wellness and Health Center Phone # 910-343-1171 e-mail: Wilmington, NC Elite Specialist Hypnotherapist Dr. Amir Ben-Solomon has been using his shaman-like expertise for over 30 years to free people from negative behaviors and maladies. 

Lucy M. Chartier, Ph.D., APRN-BC
5613 Duraleigh Road, Ste. 101
Raleigh, NC 27612

Janet & Tom Kelchner
Gastonia, NC – Phone: (704) 824-5323 – E-Mail:
Janet, a Family Nurse Practitioner in the medical field 17 years. Specializing in hypnosis, NLP and time line therapy for health & happiness. Couples counseling.

Terry Spencer, LCSW, LMBT,CH
Hickory, NC
Phone: 828-328-3215 e-mail:
Provides Holistic Treatments through the use of Hypnosis, Psychotherapy, Massage and bodywork.

North Dakota, USA
Scott McFall, DCH, CHt, LMT
Bismarck, ND – Phone: (701) 250-9290 – E-Mail:
Doctoral Neurolinguistic Programming Trainer (ABNLP / NFNLP) performance motivation.. His presentations have been shared with audiences up to 10,00 people. Accepting most hypnosis application clients.

Ohio, USA
Mary Beth Lodge: Associates in Healing, LLC
Dayton, OH – Phone: (888) 942-1021 – E-Mail:
Smoke Cessation Specialist

Susan Marina Perdos, RN, NCTMB, LMT: Natural Healing Therapies
North East, OH/North West, PA – Phone: 330-519-4247
Facilitates and educates each person’s growth towards self-healing. 20 years experience with a broad variety of eastern and western therapeutic modalities.

Jill Semonin
website is e-mail:
phone 330-825-5592 and cell 330-338-3677
Beautiful Minds
Barberton Ohio
I graduated from HMI's advanced course with honors.
I also graduated from University of Metaphysical Science with a PhD in Philosophy of Metaphysical Sciences with Honors. The School actually purchased my Thesis as one of their elective courses so I am an accredited Author.

James Wolfe


Oklahoma, USA
Gerry M. Clink, CH Spectrum Rehabilitation Associates

Oklahoma City OK -Phone # 1-877-766-5399 -e-mail

I'm a Professional Specialist in smoking cessation using the highly researched and specialized hypnosis technique to bring about the most consistently rewarding results.

Stephen L. Kristic, LCSW: Oklahoma Psychological Center
Oklahoma City, OK - Phone: (405) 842-4435 – E-Mail:
Smoking cessation specialist, licensed social worker with 32 years experience.

Oregon, USA
Patricia J. DiGiacomo
Coos Bay, OR - Phone: (541) 267-6833 - E-mail:
Certified Forensic Hypnotist specialist in the application of Hypnosis for Stress Reduction, Test/Performance Anxiety, Pain Management & Sports Improvement.

Peter R. Dufour, DCH: Pathway Solutions
Corvallis, OR – Phone: (541) 619-4469 – E-mail:
Peter R. dufour is part of a network of leading Hypnotherapists using the most effective method of “Stop Smoking In One Hour ™” lifetime guarantee.

Susan L. Gilmore, CHt: Serenity By Susan
Central (Bend/Redmond), OR - Phone: (541) 548-7045 – E-Mail:
Hypnotherapy and Spiritual Counseling focusing on Trauma Resolution, Habit Control, ADD/ADHD and Phobia Elimination.

Isabel Gonzalez CHt
Clinical Hypnotherapist           Hypnosis to Joy LLC
Lake Oswego, OR 97035
Phone: (503) 703 8623
Portland, OR (AREA)

I am a bilingual Hypnotherapist,  Spanish and English, evolve and bring JOY to your  life through Hypnosis. Remember that you can do marvelous changes NOW!   Karyn Gorman, PhD: Smoke Cessation Specialist
Central, OR – Phone: (541) 325-1055 – E-Mail:
Heal from the body up. Hypnotherapy, NLP, Yoga, Handwriting Analysis, Drug & Alcohol Counseling, Forensics & Ericksonian.

Sondra Holtzman, CH: Inventures
Bend, OR – Phone: 541 388 5458 – E-Mail:
Inward journeys of discovery for you. Hypnosis, Reiki, Crystals, Art Therapy and Creativity Workshops. 12 week weight loss program. Small business identity and graphics too.

Richard Lefever: Quit
Portland, OR – Phone: Toll Free: 877 296 6207 – E-Mail:
Certified Hypnotist since 1983. Currently in Oregon City. Soon to be in the Metro Area.

Kristin LiaBraaten, CD (DONA) , HCHI Sage Birth, LLC
Bend OR Phone: 541-419-1701 e-mail:
Sage Birth offers Hypnobabies® hypnosis for childbirth classes and certified hypno doula support in Bend, Oregon. Enjoy your birth in comfort, joy and love!

Jo Mesner, LPN
Jackson and Josephine Counties. OR Phone #: 541-776-6723 or 541-621-2685
LPN Nurse Phlebotomist 25 years experience practicing hypnotherapy with people. Sexual Abuse, Pain, Life after, Loss Grief, Individuals as well as Group Therapy. NLP Experience and Feel Great Practitioner.

Karla J. Thaler, CCHt, PhD: Hidden Realms Hypnosis
Portland Metro, OR. Phone: (503) 992-2420, E-mail:
Regression specialist incorporating past life experiences that trigger trauma’s & issues in your present earthwalk. PhD in Metaphysical Theology, Reiki Master, Shamanic Journey’s Practitioner.

Pennsylvania, USA
Laura G. Amoroso, ACH, CI: Action Institute of Hypnosis
Tri States around Philadelphia, PA – Phone: (215) 483-7829 – E-Mail:
Web Site:
Laura Amoroso teaches Hypnosis and NLP to Doctors, Nurses and lay people. Laura sees clients for behavior change and performs a respectful Hypnosis Show.

Norbert W. Bakas, PhD: Virnor Institute of Hypnosis
Pittsburgh, PA-Phone: (412) 931-5602 -E-mail:
Director of the Bakas Hypnosis Center, Norbert specializes in Hypnotherapy, Sports Hypnosis, Stage Presentations, Certified Instructor for Self Hypnosis, Hypnotist and/or Hypnotherapist.

Beverley S. Bley, LPN, CMHt: C.H.A.N.G.E. Academy (Counseling, Hypnotherapy and Naturally Generated Excellence)
Allentown, PA- Phone: (610) 797-8250 -E-mail:
Web Site:
Eliminates Smoking, Weight, Stress, Pain, Addictions & Phobias. Improve: Relationships & Self esteem and medical problems. Group, Corporate & Private sessions and workshops available.

Sharon Bouton, NCTMB, CHt, MS : Stillpoint Therapy Center
Easton, Phillipsburg, Lehigh Valley, PA & NJ
Phone 610-330-6844 e-mail:
Sharon is a nationally Certified Massage Therapist, Advanced Reiki Practitioner/Teacher, and Hypnotherapist. She assists her clients with pain management, empowerment and self-knowledge.

Mary-Louise Bulmer, CHt
South Eastern, PA -Phone: (610) 647-4421 -E-mail:
Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner. Private, group demonstration. Member: International Hypnosis Federation, Nat. Guild of Hypnotists, Int. Assoc. Counselors & Therapists, National Board Hypnotherapy & Hypnotic Anesthesiology.

Virginia Ellen, CHt Lehigh Valley, PA . Phone # 610-410-0319 B.S. Psychology. Completed M.A. in Community Psychology and Social Change. Background in social service, mental health,nonprofit ad for profit management. Smoking, weight loss, self improvement.

Janet Butterweck
Allentown, PA – Phone: (215) 679-2118 – E-Mail:
In general practice. Hours by appointment.

Robbie Greenfield, MA, MSW, LSW: Beyond Therapy
Pittsburg, PA – (724) 832-7157 – E-Mail: Web Site:
Smoking Cessation in One Hour, Treating Depression, Bi Polar Disorders, Panic, Phobia, PTSD, Chronic Pain, Fibromialgia, Anxiety with Hypnosis, EMDR and CBT.

Diana R. Hartley, MSW, CHt
West Chester, PA – Phone: 610 399 4899– E-Mail: - Web Site:
Diana blends her experience as a Therapist into her Hypnotherapy sessions. She is also a Reiki Master. her hours are by appointment.

Margaret Lee
Yukon, PA email:
Phone: 724-722-4161
Spiritual Counselor and Energy Healer

Andrea Linaberry C.Ht,
Perkasie, Pa 215 712 0153 email Website
Tap into the elements within yourself to create the wonderful life you deserve. Services available: Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Reiki, and Ceramic workshops for relaxation

Luis R. Nieves, PsyD, ABPP: Contempory Health Systems Llc
Mansfield/Trenton, NJ – Philadelphia, PA – Phone: (609) 0924-8010 – E-Mail:
Smoking Cessation Specialist

Robert Otto, CHt: Institute of Dynamic Hypnosis
Northeastern, PA – Phone: (570) 869-1021 – Email: - Web Site:
Master Hypnotherapist specializing in Stop Smoking and Weight Loss clinics for 20 years. Robert’s a true entertainer. His lectures and teaching skills are nationally acclaimed.

Brenda Rhodes, CH
610.737.9560 website
PA and Tri-States Hypnotist, Ordained Minister, Shaman Healer, Reiki Master/teacher - Holistic hypnosis, childbirth, clinical, past life therapy - embrace good habits, happiness and self-empowerment - Phone sessions available

Jenifer L. Smith, ACHt
Philadelphia, PA - Phone: (267) 939-2383
Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Mezzo-Soprano helping stage performers with phobias and confidence. Also helps with Smoke Cessation, Weight & Stress Management.

Toni A. Sweeney, CHt
Saylorsburg, PA – Phone: 610 381 7588 – E-Mail:
Toni is a nationally certified Massage Therapist specializing in Neuromuscular Therapy. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Health and is currently working towards her Doctorate in Naturopathy.

Rebecca C. Wagner
Devon, PA – Phone: (610) 688-4202 – E-Mail:
Specializing in Sports Hypnosis, Motivation, Weight Management, Smoke Cessation and Stress.

Jonathan B. Walker, CHt, LPN, RMT
Practice name: Shifu Jonathan B. Walker
Business/School: QiSsage Body Systems, LLC
Address: 3 Warwick Road Eastampton, NJ 08060 USA
Business Phone: (609) 518-9399 Other Phone: (609) 518-9399
Email: WebSite:
Business Area: Burlington & Camden County, NJ - Delaware County, PA
CEO of QiSsage Body Systems, LLC offering Tai Chi, QiGong, Reiki and Hypnotherapy. Stress, anxiety, smoking cessation, sports enhancement, weight loss, success, phobias and more

Sally Witt, PhD, CHt, CSC, IHF Fellow: Center for Healing and Training, Inc.
Morrisville, PA- Phone: (215) 736-0900-E-mail:
Web site:
Your mind is the key. Make powerful changes in your personal & professional life using Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, Reiki, Spiritual Counseling. Professional Trainer. Corporate programs.

South Carolina USA
Theresa Jackson: Wellness Within
Beaufort, SC – Phone: Toll Free: 888 585 6898 – E-Mail: - Web Site:
Stop Smoking in One Hour!

Tennessee USA

Thomas J. Driber, PhD, Smoke Free Tennessee, Inc. Nashville & Middle Tennessee: Phone 615-620-4351 or 800-274-1454 e-mail : web site:
Located in Belle Meade Office Park. Practice exclusively limited to smoking cessation. Dr. Driber is a successful health provider for over 25 years, now saving lives with hypnosis.

E. Wayne Shuler Ph.D. E.Ht.:  Elite Hypnotherapy
Nashville, TN – Phone (615) 780-7386
Web Site:  -  Email:
Dr. Shuler has been practicing hypnosis for 45 years.  He is qualified to use a new hypnosis system used to help people to quit smoking.

Texas, USA
Jerri Cleveland
Richardson, TX – Phone: (214) 546-5116 - E-Mail:
Ordained minister, Transformation and Self Esteem Coach, Hypnotherapist, Bodywork

Deborah Coffman & Michael J. Coffman, CHt
Little Elm, TX – Phone: (214) 724-9213 – E-mail:
Michael, with wife Deborah, helps you lose weight, feel great, eliminate hurtful habits, permanent & positive changes. Sports Hypnosis, Memory Enhancement & Spiritual Upliftment.

Christine Collings, MA, RMT, CPE
San Antonio, TX
Phone # 210-523-2784 e-mail:
Combining Hypnosis, Polarity Therapy,Massage, shamanism, detox and sound therapy, Christine facilitates clients mental, emotional, physical wellness. She also instructs for continuing education.

James Hazlerig, CH: Harmony Hypnosis
Bastrop County, TX, Phone: 512-360-5075,
E-mail:, Web Site:
Private and group sessions primarily in study skills, smoking cessation, weight loss,panic, procrastination, spiritual development, and birth preparation. Privately tailored sessions, FREE public demonstrations.

Gail M. Hurt, CHt: Living Authentically Austin, TX- Phone # 512-751-9679 e-mail: web site: Gail experienced many career and life challenges, including surviving inflammatory breast cancer, which impacted her personal and professional life in both positive and negative ways. Her approach to teaching career management techniques combines theory and practical techniques. Gail Teaches people how to take charge of their professional lives and achieve those things meaningful to them.

Marx Howell, CHt: Marx Howell & Associates
Austin, TX-Phone: (512) 836-4700 -E-mail:
Web Site:
Leading Forensic Hypnosis authority. Helps traumatized victims & witnesses to crimes. 32 year veteran Texas Dept. Public Safety. Graduate FBI National Academy. Criminal Justice degree.

Blanche Kahn, PhD Addiction Counseling Houston, TX Phone # 713-520-5492 e-mail: As an Addiction Specialist with 25 years of experience "I say" "Give Life A Chance" you can stop the damage- call 713-520-5492 NOW

Elizabeth KELLER, NP
SAN ANTONIO, TX 210-473-1619 e-mail:
Holistic Wellness. Healer and Nurse Practioner in psychiatry and Family Preacher. Yoga instructor---Hypnotherapist/Psychotherapist.

Ari Kellerman

Houston Phone 713-906-9479

Michael Langston, CHt
Corpus Christi/Fort Worth, TX - Phone: (361) 985-6498– E-mail:
Hypnosis for over coming Addiction & Compulsion, Stress Management & Motivation. Mike offers innovative techniques for Body, Mind & Spirit.

Melissa Bergstrom McAuliff, RN, DCHt
Dallas area
214-383-5527 Allen, TX
1402 Capstan Dr.
Allen, TX 75013
As your Personal Success Coach and Consultant, Melissa empowers you to create your goals using Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy‘, Hypnosis, Reiki & Huna. Hypnotherapy Instructor. I'm open to phone clients.. I also do Reiki/Huna Distance healings!

Kathy L. Moore, MBA, CH: Moore Inspirations
San Antonio & surrounding, TX, Phone: (210) 735-6766, E-mail:, Web Site:
Private and group sessions primarily in weight loss, smoking cessation, panic/anxiety, study skills, motivation and performance. Kathy is available for public speaking on hypnosis and motivation.

Cinda Muench, LPC , Mountain Sage Counseling
Big Bend Alpine & Marfa
Phone #: 432-386-3316 e-mail:
Cinda is a licensed Professional Counselor specializing in alternative therapies such as hypnosis, breathwork & EMDR. Her work is her passion!

Rebecca D. Murray, CHT
San Antonio, TX Ph # : 210-385-5104
E-mail: murray2875@at&
General Hypnosis, Pain Management, Self Improvement, Complete Weight Loss Program, One session Allergy Elimination, Anchoring Techniques, Spiritual Hypnosis.
Hypnosis Training in Spanish.

Robert Peale, DD, Cht: Peale & Associates
Houston, TX – Phone: (713) 960-0891 – E-Mail:
Smoking, Weight Loss, Stress Management, Pain control, for Self-Confidence and Wellness, Nail Biting, Anxiety, Fears & Phobias, Insomnia, Academic Enhancement, Sports Enhancement, Public Speaking,

Liz “ ZeBe” Pearsall, CHt
La Porte, TX Phone #: 832-859-2661
Live your highest Good! Certified Texas Art, Psychology + Special ED Teacher will let you tap your creativity and Be Your Best.

Diane Pope, MSN, RN, CHt: Diane Pope’s Hypnosis Center
Houston, TX-Phone: (281) 787-2777 -E-mail:
Individual and group Hypnosis sessions for Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Self Hypnosis and HypnoBirthing plus personal and corporate sessions for motivation and improving life skills.

Meredith W. Skeeters, MA, CHt: Alamo Hypnosis Center
San Antonio & Central TX – Phone: (210) 710-8445 – E-Mail: - Web Site:
Stop Smoking in 1 Hour! We use the method that was perfected over 10 years with a 95% success rate! Feel the difference!

Kimberly Wheeler, CH Helotes, TX Phone # 210-695-1232, e-mail: Retired Police Dispatcher, Kimberly Wheeler (APCO 2003 Tele Communicator of the Year) specializes in teaching skills to assist others in remaining calm during extremely stressful situations.

Utah, USA

Nanice Ellis, MH
Sandy, Utah Phone 801-953-6490 e-mail: nanice@ naniceellis
I currently live in Utah and coach clients worldwide via telephone.
Are you ready to breakthrough all your limitations to create the life you secretly dream of living? I can help you with my training as Master NLP Practioner, Master Coach, Master Hypnotist and Advanced Nurological Repatterning.

Virginia, USA

Lizette Ayala, CHt
Centreville, VA 20122   USA
301 768-2078
AREA doing business: Fairfax, Virginia
Body Centered Hypnotherapist specializing in various addictions and dependency disorders, panic attacks, public speaking and test anxiety.  Creator of Myom daily practice used to reinforce positive habits.  Self-hypnosis trainer.

Nancie M. Barwich, DCHt, IHF Fellow: Hypnotherapy Works
Fairfax, VA-Phone: (703) 385-9311 -E-mail:
Nancy practices Clinical Hypnotherapy in a supportive, client centered environment. Her specialties include: HypnoBirthing, Health, Wellness & Disability Issues. Adults & children are welcome!

Henry Leo Bolduc, CHt
Independence, VA Web Site:
For free articles and books in English & Spanish, free of all copyright restriction, see

Mary Phelan, CH
Washington, D.C. area
2210 Coppersmith Square
Reston, VA 20191 USA
Phone # 703-860-2333… e-mail: web:
Hypnotist, EFT Practioner, Intuitive readings, Spiritual Empowerment Coaching, Seichim Master Teacher/Healer, Psychic Development workshops, host of Telepathic TV, Certified Crystal Healer.

Washington DC/Maryland, USA
Mickey Parel, Cht, CNM: Smoke Free DC
Washington DC/Suburban, MD – Phone: (877) 766-2447 – E-Mail:
I specialize in smoking cessation utilizing the “Stop Smoking in One Hour” system. I also teach HypnoBirthing Childbirth classes in the DC area.

Washington, USA
Maurice Brooks, CHt. Brooks Institute of Hypnosis
Seattle, Phone #: 1-866-400-3445 e-mail:
Brooks Institute of Hypnosis provides smoking Cessation, Stress Management, Gambling Control and Success Enhancement Hypnosis

Rosellen Kelm CHt
White Salmon, WA – Phone: (509) 493-3142
Feel Great NOW! Self healing through discovery. Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner.

Sue Ellen Longwell, PhD (c) - Transforming Arts Studio
Everett, WA – Phone: (425) 252—5804
Registered counselor, Certified Neurolinguistics Programmer, Advanced
Clinical Hypnoptherapist. Private practice in same location since 1994,
Specializing in Stop Smoking (One Hour Guaranteed), personal development,
stress, weightloss.

Roger Moore, PhD(c): Roger Moore’s Institute of Hypnotherapy (Board Approved)
Seattle, WA – Phone: (206) 903-1232 – E-Mail: - Web Site:
Specializing in the Slender For Life(tm) weight loss program, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Non-Organic Male Impotence, Relationships, Depression, Anxiety, & Peak Performance.

Craig Sigl  C.Ht., NLP-T
Practice Name:   Breakthrough Hypnosis
Bellevue, WA
Phone:  425-457-7777
Area doing business:   Seattle, WA
Live in The Flow, play in The Zone.
Specialist in weight loss and sports hypnosis. Eliminate cravings, dissolve away fears, master your emotions.
Free consultations.

Sue Tribolini, CHt
Seattle, WA – (206) 935-8255 – E-Mail:
Professional speaker, seminar leader, NLP practitioner and hypnotherapist, specializing in life issues particularly work, career, and thriving success with financial abundance.

Thalia Jemwell
NSW M: 0428 135 026
Enjoy Astonishing Results! Weight Loss, Fitness, Nutrition, motivation and Change.
Hypnosis turns everything around Mentally, Physically, Emotionally & Spiritually.
Also Allergy free Labradoodle puppy breeder.

Diana Prowse, ONT, CACH, DEH, DNT, DThM
Sydney NSW AU – Phone: 021 99602077 – E-Mail:
A journey of self discovery, releasing and healing negative, repressed emotions manifesting as emotional and physical problems. “What the mind creates, the mind can undo.”

Neil Sercombe
NSW M: 0428 135 026
NLP Coaching, Timeline Therapy Hypnotherapy for you Prosper in life and business and lead the life you really want.
Neil brings a rich background in research and corporations.

Ned Tkalcevic, MSW, DRC
Gippsland, Victoria, Australia – Phone: 0351-445588 – E-Mail:
Clinical Psychotherapist with more than ten years post graduate & experience in mental health and eight years as a Clinical Hypnotherapist “from pain to gain."

Irene Vervliet” Split Junction, Sydney phone 61-412-917320

Business and People optimization

Oscar Stearns d´Utra e Silva, LL.B / CHt
Rio de Janeiro - RJ Zip: 22.250-110
Phones: (21) 9139-3639 55(21) 9297-1999
Working in Rio de Janeiro State: RJ
Psychoanalisis and hypnotherapy._Master and trainer in energy therapies, meditation, pranayama.
Crystal Andrushko, CHt
Calgary, Canada Phone # 403-305-3494 e-mail:
Stress, Confidence, Wellness, Life Path, Regression, Life Shifts, Health

Jennifer Burgess, MH, Cht: Full Circle Hypnosis Therapy Training College
Calgary, AB, Canada – Phone: (403) 663-9360 – E-Mail:
Web Site:
Full circle Hypnosis is now accepting new students at our on-campus training course. Anyone looking to start a new career in Hypnosis is welcome.

Georgina Cannon, CI, CHt, APRT: Ontario Hypnosis Centre
Toronto, Ont., Canada- Phone (416) 489-0333 -E-mail:
Fax: (416) 484-8546 -Web Site:
Georgina is a teacher and Hypnotherapist who is passionately committed to raising the bar in both the quality of hypnosis training & in clinic work.

Bill Green
Rocky Mtn House, AB, Canada – Phone: (403) 845-7222 – E-Mail:
Discover your true potential.

Marg Haynes, Bsc (Hon), CHt, CMH: Sky Gamma Inc, Natural Therapy Centre
Calgary, AB Canada – Phone: (403) 255-3376 – E-Mail: - Web site:
Feel great, de-stress, lose weight, stop harmful habits. Rich background and expertise in psychology, pain free childbirth, forensic, dental and medical hypnosis. Free consultation.

Jacqueline Hofmann, NLP, BEd, CHt, CC
Owen Sound, Ontario Canada – Phone: (519) 372-1081 – E-Mail: – Web Site:
Integrates Life Skills Consulting with Hypnotherapy, NLP, and Touch For Health Pain Control, Sports and General Well Being Specialist. Visit Jacqueline’s website for Hypnosis CD’s.

Peni Langlois, BA, CHt, MHt: IN Tuition
North Bay, Ontario, Canada – Phone: (705) 471-6578 – E-Mail:
My wish for you is equal to your wish for yourself. Together we will rediscover, change, affirm, accept, balance and renew…YOU!

Purvin Maherali, CHt: Harmonic Reflections, Calgary, AB Canada - Phone: (403) 285-1004 - E-Mail: - Website:
It is Purvin's mission to empower YOU to take charge of your life today, get ready to move forward NOW.
Love, Light, Peace and Many Blessings - always...
Prayers for comfort, love and healing to the planet and all life on earth at this time.

Anthony Maurantonio, MH, CT, CHt
Toronto, Ontario, Canada- Phone: (416) 488-7364
Hypnoanesthesia and Pain Management Therapist. Clinical Hypnotherapist.

A Brent McEachen, M.Ed, CH Heartstone Counselling Vancover Island Canada Phone # 250- 729-0293 e-mail:
Providing Hypnosis for stopping Smoking Weight Management & Personal Growth. Providing Counseling for indivduals, Families and Couples.

Robbie Spier Miller
Burlington, Ontario, Canada Phone# 800-971-5774 e-mail
-Robbie uses a system that has helped thousands of people stop smoking in one hour, with a 95% success rate and lifetime guarantee.

Belinda Erhardt Morgan, CHt, CSC: Beyond Awareness: Hypnosis & Wellness
Okanagan/Shuswap, BC, Canada – Phone: (250) 770-1433 – E-Mail:
Mind & Body Specialist. Energy Healing, Relaxation Massage, Reiki, Remote Viewing, Therapeutic Touch, Reflexology, Spiritual Counseling and Hypnotism.

Patricia M. O'Reilly
President, Metamorph Us Inc Ottawa, Canada. 613-741-4993
As a Smoking Cessation Specialist I'll be using hypnosis regularly.

Richard Ord, CHt
Oasis Massage Hana Canada phone # 703 854-9614 e-mail:
Motivation, Past Life Regression, Phobias, Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Confidence

Padman Pillai, M.Sc. ( London), A.R.I.C ( Associate Member of the Royal Institue of Chemistry , U.K. ), C.CHt. : Wellness Hypnotherapy Clinic, Inc.
Edmonton, AB, Canada – Phone: 780 434 2232 – E-Mail:
A Board Certified Hypnotherapist & Hypnosis Instructor, Padman is an Instructor for continuing education courses (offered by Edmonton Public School Board) and a seminar presenter and IHF Fellow.

Debbie Papadakis, BCH
Ontario Canada
phone # 416-760-8996 e-mail: website:
Featured in Oprah’s O Magazine & O’s Big Book of Happiness, & Sleep Well, Be Happy and create Abundance, remove limits + heal relationships, pain management, Past lives, Psycho-spiritual Practitioner.

Joseph I. Peters, CSW, CHt: Finger Lakes Hypnosis Center
Wayne, Ontario/Yates Counties/Upstate, NY – Phone: (315) 331-5659
Hypnosis provides for successful changes; increased integrity; increased health physically, mentally and spiritually; increased happiness. You can CHANGE NOW. Mental health/Drug/Alcohol Evaluations.

Travis Pederson, CHt
Edmonton Phone # : 780-953-0426
I have a passion for helping people achieve their goals in every area. I specialize in overcoming fears and phobias, motivational techniques, weight loss, stop smoking and social anxiety/stress. Take a look around the website and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Reinhard Senne, CCHt: Ansuz
British Columbia, Canada – Phone: (250) 768-3392 – web site:
I work in the field of dowsing and energy healing. (Member of the Canadian Dowsing Association). My background includes training as a paramedic and firefighter.

Cary Silber, BS c, Fsc, CHt
York Region, Ontario, Canada- Phone: (905) 764-5939- E-mail:
Specializing in Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss, Sports Enhancement.

Cheryl Smith: Creative Changes
Stettler, Alberta, Canada – Phone: (403) 742-6535 – Web Site:
“I’ve used Hypnosis to lose weight and feel good…Let me help you too!” Also quit smoking, addiction counseling and motivational.

Roger Sproat, CHt
Edmonton Phone# 780 901-9297 e-mail:
Roger Sproat is a Certified Hypnotherapist who specializes with child behavior problems, stop smoking, weight reduction and pain relief.

Irina Zilber, RIHR, RT CRA.
Bioenergy Therapist, NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist, Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Reiki Healing/Initiations, Registered Acupuncturist. Results oriented. Call Me.
Toronto, Canada. Phone # 647-282-1901 e-mail:

Gemma Zinkan, CHt
College of Hypnosis + Hypnotherapy Calgary
Phone # 403-255-0898 e-mail:
Hypnotherapy for mental health, physical health, addictions, personal development, pregnancy and birth, children, adolescents and adults

Area:London, Jersey,Channel Islands. Phone #: +44(o) 7710 356 448 e-mail: I use the sound of my voice during hypnosis to awaken a persons inner energy and create a space for them to rewrite their story

Jean Murton, BAThH, CHt, RM: Belmont Centre
Kent, England-Phone: 44+1843-587929 -E-mail:
Trainer for the British Association of Therapeutical Hypnotists, Jean's gift in healing and clairvoyance will transform and set you free with Self Love and Joy.

Pat Nightingale Pat Nightingale, MA CCH/MCA Hyp
Epsom, Northampton, Mablethorpe, England – Phone: 01507 443619 – E-Mail:
Web site:
Working out of three clinics, Pat is happy to be consulted whatever the problem, but has a special interest in anxiety, fears and phobias.


Isabel Aktypi
Athens, Greece
Phone +30210-5245882 or 306947695957
I can offer general hypnotherapy, but I specialize in past-life and spirit-contact therapy. I also offer advice and guiding in body-mind-spirit healing.


Dr. J. P. Malik
Indian Hypnosis Academy : Rohini, Delhi
Phone # 0981316116 email: web:
Hypnotherapy services and accreditation training program in India


Agnes Guibout, DCH, PhD: Agnes Guibout Therapy Systems
Shibuya-Ku, Japan – Phone: 81-(0)3 3464 8055 – E-Mail: - Web Site:
Clinical & Medical Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Holistic Rejuvenation, Inner Child Therapy, Crystal Healing, Intuitive CounselingAgnes Guibout, PhD
Phone#81-(0) 3 346 48055 E-Mail:

Beth Phillips-Pogan
Minato-ku From Japan: 03-3442-6808

Yoko Okuda
01181 568 68 2824

Miyuki Taneichi
Nakagawa-ku, 01181 52 363 4040.

Ikoko Azami
Kawasaki Kanagawa

Tokyo 080-5677-5708

Tomoka Fujikawa 06-6815-0365

Hiromi Gorokawa 048-922-6272

Megumi Hirousu 080-3943-0847

Kousaku Hano

Yasuhito Iijima
Saitama-ken 048-481-9582
Learning-Career Coach

Yoshika Inomata
into@luna_heals.bi7 090-8877-1182

Yuko Ishikawa

Yoahiko Izumura
Yokohama-shi 045-311-2274

Misako Kadoaki

Makoto Kasei
Gifu 058-387-5291

Chika Katsunuma
Tokyo,jp 03-5930-5368

Setsuko Kawamata
Shizuoka 054-638-2894

Yayoi Kikumoto
Taito-ku 080-3411-7751

Shizue Kobayashi

Akitsugu Kondo
Aichi 0562-56-7616

Mitso Kubota

Ishioka Ibaraki 0299-46-4411

Mizue Kuramitsu
Tokyo 03-3234-7521

Kenji Nuruki
Mie 059-322-5523
Toki practices Clinical Hypnotherapy

Yosiaki Otake
Chiba-ken 0475-33-6756

Chieko Yamazaki
Saitama 048-922-2612

Keiko Matsuoka
Himeji 079-266-5474

Mitsunoba Mizutani 058-262-2070

Yuki Mizuguchi
Tokyo 03-3365-7751

Michiko Nagai
Tokyo 090-1738-7527

Yasufumi Nakatani
Osakasayama 072-365-3245

Kazuyuki Narishima
Kanagawa 050-1008-2279

Fumiko Nitta
Ogaki 0584-81-7750

Reiko Oka
Tokyo 03-5970-0164

Akie Onishi
Hiroshima 070-5678-2178

Mika Onoe
Hyogo 090-1958-5798

Yoko Ono

Keiko Saito
Yamaguchi 083-972-1835

Yukari Sakasaki

Kiyomi Shiraishi
Tokyo 090-6426-3793

Michiyo Suzuki

Mio Takahashi

Aki Takeda
Chiba 047-445-2272

Aki Takusagawa
Yamanashi 055-228-7585

Motomi Tamamura
Tokyo 03-3717-5040

Natsuko Tanazawa
Gunma 0276-63-3871

Kaito Tenei
Ishikawa 076-275-8728

Kenyu Teruya
Okinawa 098-936-3276

Noriaki Tokuda
Auchi 052-872-8284

Remi Teruya 098-936-3276

Yoko Tsuna
Mitaka City 0422-45-8715

Taeko Yamada
Tokyo 090-3339-2057

Katsura Yamamoto

Yoshimi Yokoi
Kawana-shi Mie 0594-21-5914

Miki Yoshida
Saitama 048-283-2434

Keiko Suzuki
Kanagawa 044-422-0925

Masayo Shimura
Semdao 022-234-1754

Sonoko Iwamoto
Hokkaido Sapporo

Tomoyuki Kobayashi
Tokyo 03-3963-1162
Tomoyuki is an educated clinical psychology at the Ritsumeikan University. His specialities
include:Hypnotherapy, Qigong, Healing. Adults and children are welcome.

Ryoji Horisaka
Yotsukaidou-shi, Chiba-ken 043-433-1679

Akemi Hasegawa
Ibaraki 090-1882-4957

Teruko Sasaki
Seikacho, Soarakugun

Yoshiko Ikemoto
Kanayama-cho 082-545-0821

Yoriko Okamoto
Nasukarasuyama-shi 81-287-88-0501

Mika Mohri
Hino-city 090-8749-8885

Yumiko Kezuka

Yurika Hashimoto
Minatoku 03-3453-0979

Husako Hamada
Kanazawaku 045-791-3536

Katsuvuki Havashizaki
Adatiku 090-9372-0245

Tetsuya Mihori
Sakaemachi, Inbagun 0476-95-3984

Hiroko Honri
Oishi Otsushi 090-6970-5781

Hatsue Honri

Oishi Otsushi 090-6982-1740

Iishido Toshiyuki

Junko Ito
Mastue shi 0852-21-4601

Katsumi Inoue
Otaka 03-3737-1047

Noriko Ihara
Funabashi City

Tomoko Uemura

Yasumi Uchida
Kobe 078-413-8987

Mieko Ohira
Chofushi 042-446-1828

Hiroko Kadova 81-90-2676-1345

Ako Kawakami
Itabashi-ku 03-3964-2823

Kondo Hikaru
Funabashi City 080-5058-1283

Hisako Saito
Kitaku 03-3906-0579

Teruhiko Shinoki
Nakano-ku 03-3432-0431

Wakana Sugiuchi
w-sugiuchi@mvh, 047-376-8677

Atsuo Sugiura

Yoshiko Sugiura

Sae Takahashi
sae_kanauchi@mrj.biglobe, 048-444-7370

Tomoko Tsukakoshi
Chuo-ku 03-6322-1139

Yukiko Nakano

Yuri Nishimura

Masako Noguchi
Shibukawasi 02-7925-0317

Minako Hosaka
Matsudo-City 047-361-3739

Setsuko Hoshi
Chuo-ku 043-208-1473

Kazuho Masuda
mail@nogomi2005.uom 090-5888-8380

Nomindari Ma

Hidemi Mivamoto
Midoriku 043-295-7246

Yukinobu Yasui
Fukuoka-City 092-761-0081

Hiromi Yamada

Yoko Yamamoto

Yasuyo Kano
Higashi-kv 042-386-7533

Tetsuva Morita
Fuchu-City 042-302-2610

Kaoru Ozaki

Kaname Suzuki
Sagamihara 042-855-0020

Hiromi Takino
Takaisaki City 027-371-6462

Yoko Terada
Nakamura-ku 090-8866-9918

Junko Takahashi
0596-52-2727 0596-52-2727

Kinuyo Morita
6-10,Momijigaoka 2 chome,Fuchu-shi

Sayaka Kitamoto

Miwa Tesaki
080-3091-8305 080-3091-8305

Joy Inamoto
4-32-11-807 Nishi-shinjuku,Shinjuku-ku
080-6573-3722 080-6573-3722

Emi Aiba
090-8840-8777 090-8840-8777

Miwako Muramatsu
6-7-12 Kamishineityou Nishiku Niigatashi
025-269-0080 025-269-0080

Takeyuki Nishi,Ph D
Wing-Honmoku 201,2-305 Honmoku-cho Naka-ku

Mamoru Hyodo
West302,1-197 Nakata Tomeba Aza Tsukidate
090-9039-1031 090-9039-1031

Yumi Wada
588 Imaiminami-cho Nakaharaku Kawasakishi

Takako Shimaki
4-5-12 Higashicho Koganeishi

Rieko Hayasaka
022-347-8525 022-346-5108

Tamano Komatsubara
15-37,Hayashi Akashi
078-927-2861 078-927-2861

Midori Masuda
City Tower Holie 2804,1-23-25 Kita Holie Nishiku
06-6245-2099 06-6245-2099

Atsushi Watanabe
0532-47-7440 0532-47-7440

Rintaro Arai
Fujimiso201,3-15-26 Kojimacho,Chofu City
042-441-0658 042-441-0658

Eiko Wada
Laighteigi Bldg.401,5-9-17 Nekozane Urayasu-shi
090-2674-5932 090-2674-5932

Aya Karumai

Mayumi Doi
4-14-2 Fujimicho Higashimurayamashi
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Hiroyuki Akashiba
7-5-8-1102 Sagamiohno Sagamihara-shi
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Toshiyuki Kuroda

Sachiko Taki
Glorio Togoshi-ginza 1302,1-6-14 Hiratsuka
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Mitsuko Saigo
E306,521-4,Iijimacho Sakae-ku
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Katsuhiko Tanada
NikaidoBldg.302,1-3-22 Honkomagome,Bunkyo-ku

Ayaka Higashitsutsumi
Shanpia Katamachi 705,2-7-57 Katamachi
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Shoko Yamamoto
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Yoko Imamura
1-13-2 Kirigaoka Midoriku,Yokohamashi

Yukari Tsuchiya
185-34 Yachimata-ni,Yachimata City,Chiba
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Hisako Tanaka
Wacore Bldg.512,7-7-26 Nishi-Shinjuku,Shinjukuku
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Yuri Murate
Flats Egota104,4-39-15 Egota Nakanoku
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yuri@peace2001.orgKunihiro Hisada
1-22-304 Shumoku-cho Higashiku

Toshiya Ishita
2-7-23 Chiyoda-machi maebashi-shi
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Masanari Tohdoh
1-11, Asahimachi, Furano-city
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Toshiya Tomita
Axis, inc. Evwa Bldg. 2F.kital-1, 18 chrome Shireishiku

Umeyo Yamasaki
Royarzon Bldg. 903 1-3 Mukogawa Takarasuha-city
0797-84-0550 092-413-7336

Toshiro Takahashi
Riijyenshii Kawai A101, 2-21-33 Kawai Aoiku

Noriko Yanokura
705-432 Ochi-cho Midori-ku chiba-shi

Keiko Seida
1116-29 Oubara-cho oota-city

Tamayo Tamamoto
22-9 2cHoume Hama Toyonaka city

Mizuho Fukuchi
Chisan Mansiyon, 504, 11-6 Kouyamachi-Aoiku

Kazue Fukuo
Masae Koyanagi

Sachiko Wada
Katue Akiyama
Takeshi Akatsuka
Takashi Yamada
Ai Aida
Yukihiro Tadatsu

Kentaro Hisada
Hiromitsu Okumura
Chiemi Nishiwaki
075-682-2987 Abe
Mari Shiraishi
Yukiko Shinjo
Keiko Takahashi
Yukiko Hagihara
Miho Namioka
Junko Haseyama

Kimiko Urabe
Hiroki Sakuno
Miyuki Ikeda

Midori Bandaira
Mizue Umehara


María de Lourdes Fernández Madrigal.
Mérida, Yucatán. México.
Phone: (999)922-02-02 / (999)922-02-01.
Company name: Sin humo. Dejas de fumar en una hora.
Certified hypnotist, specializing in Smoking Cessation for 13 years. Lourdes helps you STOP SMOKING IN ONE HOUR, with 95% success rate and life time guarantee.


Robbie Spier Miller
Burlington, Ontario, Canada Phone# 800-971-5774 e-mail
-Robbie uses a system that has helped thousands of people stop smoking in one hour, with a 95% success rate and lifetime guarantee.


James Patterson.
Almeria, Spain Phone# 0034-677-089-036 e-mail: web:
Coach, hypnotist and NLP Master Practitioner working in Almeria, Spain to help english speaking expats define and achieve their goals. Contact for more information

Gillian Wills-Hare, CCHt,ENG,
HYPNOSLIM Torrevieja, Spain Ph# 0034 965-703-307
I Specialize in Weight Loss, Weekly meetings,Smoking Cessation. Certificates: Weight Issues: Graduate Course Transpersonal NLP, Medical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Recovering from abuse with Hypnotherapy.